The household inventory sheet is important to have if your home is destroyed by fire or theft in order to show a report to police and insurance companies. The sheet or list is an evidence of the things you have possessed because no one can memorize the list of household inventory, purchase date, price and numbers of items etc. A household inventory sheet is important enough to claim for insurance companies because no insurance company will provide you coverage until you show them a proof of valuable things that were in your possession. For getting a quick response from insurance companies, a detailed and well written household inventory sheet is important. Here are a couple of suggestions that can help you in preparing a perfect household inventory sheet.

Here is a comprehensive and professional Household Inventory Sheet Template,

Household Inventory Template

Recording or preparing a household inventory sheet is not a big deal however needs to be patient and should have proper time devotion to recording needed information.

Household Inventory Tips

Before going to record or make a list of important items in your home, you need to have a personal computer, word processing program and a printer to get a print out for yourself. It is good to save a copy of the household inventory sheet into your personal email account as in case of PC damage you can get another copy from your personal email. You also need to have a digital camera to take photos of your possessions as an evidence. Also make a video of the items in your home and make other necessary recordings for making a strong proof. Moreover, make a list of the sizes and model numbers of all the items in your home as this will help you in making a correct estimate of their values.

How to prepare a Household Inventory Sheet?

For making household inventory, it is crucial to be patient and should try to record things thoroughly as much as possible. First of all take a couple of photos of your home from outside and inside. Take photos of bedrooms, living rooms and kitchen separately from different angles capturing all the worthy items of your home. Take photos of all the items separately from different angles; it is good to take photos of items where the model number, brand name and size are mentioned. After completing your photo session, record all the information in details like location of items in your home, quantities, model number, color, size, and serial number, date of purchase and copy of recipient if it is available.

Your household inventory sheet is ready now, for convenience and security save the documents and all the pictures on a DVD or CD or floppy or transfers it to a pen drive or your portable PC. Making a household inventory isn’t a big deal; however it requires a little effort, patience and time to complete it. Once you have created your household inventory now you are able to get insurance claims easily in case of any kind of unexpected damage or theft to your items in accordance with the coverage’s of your insurance policy.

Here is download link for the Household Inventory Sheet Template,


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