• Risk Analysis Templates

    Risk Analysis Templates

    Are you someone who often finds themselves overwhelmed by the concept of risk analysis? Fear not! Imagine having a roadmap that guides you through potential risks, helping you navigate smoothly through uncertainties. That’s where risk analysis templates step in, serving as your trustworthy companion in the world of risk assessment. […]

  • Free SWOT Analysis Templates

    Free SWOT Analysis Templates

    Download this SWOT Analysis Template to help you to prepare your own SWOT Analysis easily. A strategic planning tool, SWOT is an efficient method to evaluate various business or project situations. SWOT is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Hence SWOT Analysis allows business managers to not only […]

  • Cost Benefit Analysis Templates

    Cost Benefit Analysis Templates

    Are you seeking ways to streamline decision-making processes within your organization? The potency of informed decision-making lies in understanding the intrinsic values attached to choices. Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) emerges as a pivotal tool, guiding businesses through the labyrinth of options while weighing their financial and qualitative implications. In this […]

  • Simple Break-Even Analysis Template

    Simple Break-Even Analysis Template

    Here is a good quality Break-Even Analysis Template that can help to keep an eye on business profits and track when and how it moves to Break-Even. A Break-Even refers to a situation when income meets the total expenses for a specified period. This is an Excel Template that can […]

  • Price Comparison Analysis Templates

    Price Comparison Analysis Templates

    Let me share here these Price Comparison Analysis Templates to help you prepare and print your Price Comparison Analysis Sheet easily. Today the world is changing very fast and people are buying stuff online rather than going out in the market. Online shopping makes it easy for you to shop […]

  • Direct Marketing Analysis Template

    Direct Marketing Analysis Template

    Download this Direct Marketing Analysis Template to conduct market analysis quickly and effectively. Marketing is an important tool for making a profit and therefore it is the wish of each firm and company to do marketing with some unique methods. Direct marketing is a method of marketing in which a […]

  • Gain on Sales of a House Analysis Template

    Gain on Sales of a House Analysis Template

    Download this Gain on Sales of a House Analysis Template in MS Excel Template to help you conduct your Gain on Sales Analysis quickly. Selling your house is not an easy task because it is really difficult to find the right person and sometimes it ends up with some loss. […]

  • Free Customer Satisfaction Survey Template
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    Free Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

    The customer satisfaction survey is given to customers by business organizations to measure the happiness or satisfaction level of the customers with the company. This survey typically includes different questions about the products, services, and sales representatives of the organization. Different types of satisfaction surveys are designed for the evaluation […]

  • Quarterly Budget Analysis Template

    Quarterly Budget Analysis Template

    Anyone who wants to take control over their spending and find relief from financial problems prefers budgeting. Budgeting is a very popular terminology in the business world and it is considered as a key to success and to organize the expenditure of a company in different departments. Tough, budgeting is […]

  • Free PC Comparison Analysis Template

    Free PC Comparison Analysis Template

    Technology in the world is changing daily and it’s impossible to hold on to a single gadget. We have to keep updating our technology with the world. The computer is the most common and the most important machine in our daily routine. We do most of our work on a […]

  • Customizable Sales Channel Analysis Template

    Customizable Sales Channel Analysis Template

    Business concepts have been changed when sales and marketing like things entered the business era. Managing sales according to multiple points has been an important part of each business management. That’s why sales channel analyses are frequently accomplished to evaluate the performance of sales management within different channels. Mainly sales […]

  • MS Excel Business Closing Analysis Sheet Template

    MS Excel Business Closing Analysis Sheet Template

    It is not easy to close a business because lots of costs are involved in it and poor planning or preparations can land you in deep trouble. Closing costs include different funds that are designated to settle different down payments. Closing costs can be varied from state to state but […]

  • Retirement Plan Contributions Analysis Template

    Retirement Plan Contributions Analysis Template

    Retirement plans are really important, especially for retired persons who want to make their retired life free from financial problems. Your retirement plan should be effective enough to pay your essential expenses including health care bills. Retirement plan contribution analysis is the best solution for this problem as you can […]

  • Car Comparison Analysis Template

    Car Comparison Analysis Template

    Buying a car is a very important decision and it can take a lot from you. It’s not like purchasing a piece of paper or television but it’s a huge decision and you have to make it through proper procedure. Nothing has more excitement than getting a new car and […]

  • Project Bids Analysis Template
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    Project Bids Analysis Template

    A bidder is a contractor or a supplier who takes part in a bid as a response to an invitation. Mostly all government projects are presented to several vendors who after reviewing the project, place a bid on that project and as a result, the project is given to the […]