Here are Free Fax Cover Sheet Templates based upon circular theme. A beautify circle is there on the right hand bottom side. When it comes to send faxes from or to a creative designing company then it should be evident from your fax design. Following Fax Cover Design is good for this purpose and is created using MS Word so that anyone can quickly edit it if needed.

Fax Cover Sheet Template with Circular Theme

In a world of smart phones and readily accessible internet, one would think that the facsimile, or fax, as it has been fondly called for a long time, is rendered obsolete. However, a large number of small businesses still use fax as their primary form of correspondence. For one thing, not everyone has a reliable and fast internet connection, qualities that are absolutely necessary for any kind of communication method used in a business. In these situations, the fax machine comes in handy. One can send all kind of data on paper via fax, be it hand-written, typed, or drawn, all at the expense of a single telephone connection. It is practical and useful to attach fax covers with each sent piece of data, specifically in the world of business. These covers contain important information about the received fax, which, otherwise, may be difficult to process for the receiver.

One of the most important things that a fax cover should contain is the company logo. This may be placed on the top center or the top left or right side of the page. Common practice dictates that a sample cover page be available for all fax users of an organisation. This sample should contain the company logo, which is important to include so that the receiver may be able to know the identity of the sender at first glance. It also gives the document a professional and whole look.

Features of the Fax Cover Sheets

Here are some useful features of every fax cover sheet that everyone must take very good care of;

  • Fax sheet is the first sheet that prints while receiving a facsimile broadcast. It will help the reader to recognize the sender and the receiver of this document. Cover sheet will contain the name of sender, contact methods and number of pages in fax.
  • Size of fax cover sheet may vary but the standard and mostly used size is 8.5 by 11 inches copy paper. Some business organizations simply use sticky notes on the inconspicuous corner of the page to add the details of receiver to save paper consumption.

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Fax Cover Sheet with Blinded Border

Here is a Fax Cover Sheet with Blinded Border that can help you in sending professional faxes (documents or letters) to other companies or Govt. Departments. In business world, sending professional looking documents through fax is vital to succeed. Hence everyone business owner spend enough time to make sure that his company sends nothing but professionally crafted documents that looks professional and serious by nature.

Fax machines are considered as a popular way to distribute important documents from one place to other. Fax cover sheets are essential part of whole process therefore it is necessary to design a custom fax cover sheet for personal or business use. Fax cover sheet serves as cover letter for any type of document that is required to send over fax machine. Fax cover sheet can be a personalized document contains standard details of a company. Usually fax cover sheets incorporate name, address and contact number of sender as well as receiver. Usually a subject line or note is included in the facsimile transmission to explain the nature and purpose of the document. Fax cover sheets usually consist of handwritten notes but now business organizations prefer to create a custom design fax cover sheets with the logo, name, address, phone and fax numbers of the organization.

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Equally important is the inclusion of details for the desired recipient. There might be many individuals present at the company the sender is sending the fax to, but the document might only be intended for a specific group or person. Therefore it is important to include the details of the intended recipients. Furthermore, if the document holds confidential information, a disclaimer should be placed at the bottom of the cover page. This should be a short abstract, stating that if the fax has been misplaced or sent to the wrong address, it should be destroyed and the sender notified. This practice is common business etiquette, since one of the drawbacks of fax technology is that the sender cannot control who accesses the sent data. Lastly, the sender should include on the fax cover page any action that he or she requires from the intended recipient. These actions may be to forward the fax to someone else, to edit the content and send it back, or to confirm that the document has been received.

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Fax Cover with Blue Gray Edge

Here is a Fax Cover with Blue Gray Edge that can help anyone in creating and sending professional quality fax cover sheets along with important documents. Such fax cover can also be used with memo or meeting reminders usually sent within the organization to help keep track of everyone’s presence in an important meeting or event.

Secondly, the fax cover page should contain contact details of the sender, including his or her fax number. The receiver might want to send a reply fax to the sender, so in this regard, including the fax number is necessary. It is incorrect practice to omit including the sender’s fax number under the assumption that the receiver’s fax machine will be able to provide them with this information. Technology, although increasingly reliable in our age, can still not be fully depended on. There might be a problem with the fax machine’s caller identity system; therefore the sender’s fax number should be included on the cover page as an extra precaution.

Here is preview of this Fax Cover with Blue Gray Edge,


Fax cover pages form an essential part of fax correspondence in the corporate world. They increase the coherence of the sent information, summarize the actions required from the recipients, and help to avoid accidental misuse of data, such as accessing a fax meant for someone else. For these reasons, fax cover pages are found in wide use, and have found their place in common business etiquette.

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Fax Cover Sheet Template with Dashed Lines

Here is a Fax Cover Sheet Template with Dashed Lines and perfectly suitable for business faces across companies or departments. An abstract design along with professional layout will make it a perfect combination to leave a professional company impression whoever read this fax communication. Sending faxes is a routine task for busy businesses or professional dealing between companies to do day to day transactions. Hence use of Fax Cover Sheet is unavoidable and also critical to leave a professional impression in the eyes of its reader no matter when and where he reads. This Fax Cover Sheet Template is created using MS Word so that everyone can easily tailor it as per his/her unique needs or requirements.

Here is preview of this Fax Cover Sheet Template with Dashed Lines,


Importance of Fax Cover Sheets

Following are some benefits of fax cover sheets to tell you the importance of fax cover sheets:

  • Fax cover sheet will help your document to grab deserved attention because usually people receive dozens of faxes on regular basis and a customized fax cover sheet will make your fax message standout. It will help you to get desired results on earlier basis.
  • Branding is important for the products and services of an organization so do not underestimate fax because it will also serve as promotional tools so its proper branding via fax cover sheet is necessary just like other collateral.
  • A well designed fax cover sheet will help you to meet industry or regulatory compliance standers because a customized fax cover sheet can successfully get verbiage according to the needs of customer and industry.
  • It will help you to increase the customized offers that will eventually help you to increase sales. Fax cover sheets will prove beneficial to grab the attention of customers to some special offers. According to the nature and buying habits of your customer, you have to include small promotion section in your fax cover sheet about new or unique products. Do not make it main message of the fax therefore you should keep it to the quarter or less of the page.
  • It will help you to create a personalize message to create a sense of urgency for your faxed documents that can be invoices and the fax cover sheet will help you to get your payments on first priority.

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