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Download free Price List Template to create your own Price List easily and effectively. This is a professional Price List Format that can easily help you to prepare price lists for official correspondence or in a legal court.

Using Price List Templates

Anyone can use this list template to create a price list for his/her small shop or small to medium scale business. By using this Price List Template, you can create price lists for both Products and/or Services that you are selling. It contains all the essential elements you need for a service based business.  It is a common practice of every shop and consumer based business to display or present their products price list conveniently to their customers. Following Price List Template, can easily help in creating a good looking professional price list to display at reception or in waiting room areas. This List Template allows its users to specify product description, packaging quantity and price per package.

Importance of Price Lists

Price list is important for all types of businesses such as online sale, local store or family marts. It is important to design a perfect price list with clear listings of all items with pricing details. It seems really simple to design a price list but you have to be really careful while designing a price list because any wrong information can make your customer angry. Try to include all relevant details to maximize the usability and effectiveness of your price list. Pricing is not as simple as it sounds because too high price will drive your customers away from your business and too low prices will make low profit. It is your responsibility to design your price list properly so that the customers can easily read it and plan their shopping.

When to Design Price List?

Price list is important to design as it displays cost of each item to customers and saves your time as well as energy. It will be used as an ordering guide or a cashier cheat list so it should not be ignored. Customers use price list for their shopping and comparisons of the prices of different products. It helps customers to plan their shopping according to their budget and they will accurately estimate how much money is required for the shopping. In business to business industries, price list is the first step to start sales with a new customer. It should be easy to review so it is your responsibility to highlight important information at the top of your price list according to your customers.

General Guidelines to Design Price List

Price list is important for any sales and manufacturing business so it is your responsibility to design it properly without any major error. Following are some general guidelines that will help you to design a perfect price list for your business:

  • Organize your price list according to the nature and importance of products and it will be good to arrange them alphabetically. Draw a table containing different rows and columns according to the information that you want to put on the price list. Each column should contain a heading so that the reader can easily understand the contents of your price list.
  • Item column and price column should be included in the price list to make your list detailed and easy to access. Specify one column to write about details of products and one column should contain short item description for the understanding of users. It will be good to give a unique item number to each product for your own convenience because specific coding will make your accounting process easy.
  • You can use different colors to group similar items such as pork, grains, grocery items, vegetables, fruits, toiletries etc. should be colored differently. It will be good to publish a price list on your website for the convenience of customers. You can write URL of your webpage on the price list so that your customers can get more information about your products.
  • Moreover, you can add dealer discount column in the price list if you are offering it. You can add details of price per items for dealers or the percentage of discount that the dealer will receive on the purchase of each item.

Printable Price List Templates for Download

Here is preview of this Price List Template,

price list template 02

price list template 03

price list template 04

price list template 05

price list template 06

price list template 07

price list template 08

price list template 09

price list template 10

price list template 11

price list template 12

price list template 13

price list template 14

price list template 15

price list template 16

price list template 17

price list template 18



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