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Here, we will share with you a good-looking Daily Time Sheet Template that can easily help senior management track down labor’s working hours by recording in and out timings in any production environment. Such sheet templates are very common in manufacturing units and in those industries where daily wages are being paid to the labor on a daily or weekly basis. This Daily Time Sheet is created using MS Excel so that anyone related to the production department can easily use this Excel template to prepare a comprehensive daily timesheet quickly and effectively. Timesheets are also used in calculating overtime for daily wages employees and hence require very careful recording of time duration for what labor worked so that they should be paid accurately.

It is not easy to run a business organization or an educational institution, because you have to deal with several people pertaining different views. It is important to keep everything organized to increase the profit-earning ratio, and the attendance of employees is one of the most important factors that can affect the profitability of the business organization. To keep an eye on the attendance of employees and students, a daily time sheet is important to prepare. Usually, an electronic timesheet system proves helpful to larger organizations to save time and paper consumption, but you can design a traditional paper timesheet.

Free Customized Timesheet Template

Have a look at the preview of our Daily Time Sheet Template:


Customized Daily Timesheet Template

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Steps to Create a Comprehensive Timesheet Template

The daily timesheet should include important details to have a comprehensive record for future use. Following are some key elements of a daily time sheet that should be considered to design a comprehensive time sheet:

  • In the first step, it is important to select the medium through which you want to design a daily timesheet. You can design a handwritten format for a daily timesheet or can use your computer software to design it.
  • Take a desk calendar to notify all public holidays and working days. There is no need to prepare a daily timesheet for holidays. Check your working hours and divide your whole day into different activities.
  • Notify lunch hours and penalties for the misuse of working hours to keep your employees alert during working hours. Daily timesheets can be designed separately for each department according to its needs and schedules therefore; it will be fruitful to consult the head of the department before designating time for different activities.
  • It is important to consider the nature and importance of the work before designating the time for this work. Write the beginning and ending times for each task on the timesheet for the convenience of all people. It should include the lunch hours of employees with regular working hours and holidays.
  • Do not forget to write the name of the organization and contact details at the top of the timesheet for information purposes. It is important to have a specific format for the daily timesheet to save time and additional costs.
  • Divide your daily timesheet into different rows and columns to designate different times for different activities. Write details of regular activities on the sheet with the name of the employee who is responsible for performing this work. It will enable you to inquire about the status report from the right person.
  • Paid holidays should be mentioned in the timesheet so that you can use them to get your salary. Do not forget to mention overtime in the daily timesheet separately to get paid for your extra work.
  • Carefully tally the daily timesheet with the working hours of employees and sign the sheet after satisfaction. Daily timesheets should be free from all errors because any error in them can decrease the pay of a deserved employee.
  • The finance department for salary calculation specifically uses daily timesheets therefore, it is important to carefully have a complete record of holidays, leaves, and working hours.

Daily Timesheet Template FAQs

This template typically includes columns for entering the date, start and end times, task descriptions, and any additional notes or comments.

The use of a daily timesheet template is very simple. You can start using it by entering the date and time the employee to start a particular task or activity in the designated columns. Then, record the end time once the employee completed the task. Fill in the task description or name and any additional notes or comments as needed. Repeat this process for each task or activity you want to track during the day.

Daily timesheet templates can be found in various places such as online libraries, project management tools, spreadsheet applications, and HR or accounting departments.


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