Here is a good looking CD/DVD Label Template to print on CD or DVDs using a high quality printer. This Label Template is perfectly suited for Technical DVDs having technical project details or manual of some complex machinery.  This is a 3-color schedule with lots of data to be printed on the label itself. Allowing bunch of capacity for the technical description and mentioning versions or follow up date & times. Without an identification method, you can’t figure out which disc contains photos of your children and which one is the backup and recovery disc. This is why it’s very  important that every CD and DVD is labeled that shows its contents so that when you want to use it, you don’t have to insert it in a player to see if it’s the right one or just didn’t pick the correct one. Also when you have hundreds of discs in your place, you can’t identify which one contains the movie you want to see and which one has the songs in it. Also when you put a label on a CD, it shows that in includes some data and has already been burned.

There are special markers available in the market that are made for CD labeling and they contain the ink that doesn’t affect the CD contents but they are not very popular so you will have some trouble finding one. This is why you need to label your CDs in the recommended way, by using a label maker and printing paper. You can download number of label making software from the internet on your computer and design a unique CD label for you. You can find a special printing paper which sticks to one side so you don’t need to apply any glue or adhesive. CD and DVD labels are the best option for advertising your business and this is the reason that if you take a look at a CD label, you will find the name of the printing company and its logo on it. This way companies advertise their businesses and establish their brand name in the market.

Here is preview of this CD/DVD Label Template for Technical Data,



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Black & White CD/DVD Label Template

Here is an attractive Black & White CD-DVD Label Template to be displayed for aggressive marketing products. Such CD/DVD Labels are perfect for grabbing customer’s attraction even sitting in big collection of CDs or DVDs. It just make itself prominent and distinctive so become prime candidate for visitor’s attention.

Here are the guidelines to print a customized CD/DVD label:

  • First you decide whether you want a simple label or a unique which includes images and graphics. Simple labels are used in offices and work related files which only contain a serial number and the written contents where a personal label can include customized images or graphics if you are creating the label for a CD at home.
  • Either you buy a label making program and install it on your computer or you can just use the MS word already installed in your computer. Although it’s not the proper software to do so but it fulfills the requirements.
  • Put the name of the CD in bold letters and then put the contents of the disc such as list of song names, movie name, names of your children or the projects you have included in.
  • Once you are done, print it on the label paper or if you didn’t get one, there is no need to worry. You can print it on the regular paper and then apply some glue and put it on the CD or DVD.

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Photos CD/DVD Label Template

If you need to burn CD/DVD Label for Photos and pictures then here is a perfect Label Template for you. It allows you to specify four sample pictures on top of the label that can reminds you well as what kind of pictures were stored in this CD/DVD pack. This four color CD/DVD Label gives sharp look good for photo storage devices.

The sticker glued to one side of a disc that shows its contents is called the label. The key purpose of this label is to distinguish the disc among others but companies also use it as a way of advertisement. This is why when you see a label on a CD or DVD, you find out that it also includes the name of manufacturer and its logo which after sometime makes its credibility in the market. When you buy a music album, movie or a computer program, the makers have already glued the label on the disc and most of the times, the buyer can verify if the disc is original or pirated just by analyzing the paper quality of its label. But when you buy an empty disc to store data in it, there is no label on either side of the disc. In this situation, when you save your data in the disc, you need to put some identification mark on the disc so that you can find it in the pile of hundreds CDs.

Here is preview of this Pictures CD/DVD Label Template,


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Blue CD/DVD Packing Cover Template

Here is an attractive Blue CD/DVD Packing Cover that can easily be used to create compelling and comprehensive labels quickly. Once you have burnt the CD/DVD and also printed a good looking CD/DVD Label using one of our label templates then you will definitely require to put custom Packing Cover on the plastic cover case of this CD/DVD. This Packing Cover label Template is here to help you in this situation.

Some people use non-typical and rough methods to label their CDs such as many people use colored makers and pens to put a little information about the data inside a particular CD. But it’s not recommended that you touch the disc with any sharp material even you can’t leave your fingerprints on the CD which makes it harder for the lens to read the data or you can even ruin all the information on the disc too. Most people don’t know that markers and pens have sharp edges and that can’t damage the CD permanently when it leaves scratches on the surface of disc. Also some markers contain toxic ingredients and various chemicals that can deteriorate the data inside it. In order to protect the data inside a disc, its surface is covered with aluminum, which can be easily ruined by the chemicals a marker contains. Also when you use sharp metals to write on a disc, you also damage it physically and sometimes it’s so worse that it’s impossible to recover the data from the disc.

Here is preview of this Blue CD/DVD Packing Cover Template,



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