Tracker is a term referring to someone or something, which keeps the trail or follows someone specifically or fetches the information. Generally when one hears ‘trackers’ the first thing that comes to his/her mind is a vehicular tracking device. But here we are talking about ‘weight tracker’. In the modern day with the advent of new technology, the human race is facing health problems. Problems related to heart, blood pressure, increased or decreased body weight and several fatal diseases pose a serious threat to human health. For someone planning to lose or gain body weight, it is quite difficult to keep an on-book record of the loss or gain of his/her body weight. For this purpose, we find ‘weight trackers’.

A weight tracker is a computer application, developed to keep a record of your weight gain or loss. These applications are available in quite different structures ranging from solo software to a mini-application for mobile devices. These can also be found easily over the internet in the form of a Microsoft Excel Spread Sheet. Weight trackers are also available on several online websites. These websites might allow you to create a free account. You can keep a record of your body weight activity and calculate several parameters on these websites. You can also meet other people who are also weight tracking, discuss problems and share new ideas.

Here is a preview of this Weight Tracking Template created using MS Excel,

Weight Tracking Template

The core purpose of the weight tracker applications is to keep a record of your body weight and calculate daily weight loss and weekly or monthly average weight loss (depending on your diet/exercise plan). A well-developed application can also show your performance in the form of a graph. You can thus print detailed reports and graphs to have an overview of your performance over a specific period. Also, with have basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel, you can create your own ‘weight tracker’ in an Excel formula sheet.

In several other weight trackers, you can also calculate BMI (Body Mass Index), BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), the average daily energy expenditure of your body and waist to height ratio, etc. after providing a few of your statistics like weight, height, physical activity, and calorie intake. A few of them also come with a list of calories present in each diet, so that you can instantly decide what to eat and how much to eat.

Weight trackers are also a good source of motivation as you go along keeping a record of each day. After a week or so, looking at the improvement you have made, gives a boost to your motivation level. Having a weight tracker on your mobile phone or tablet PC, you can instantly record your activity on the go. Being in the gym, on the jogging track, or out in the exercise field you can, not only record but can also realize how much you are going to lose or gain after a specific amount of workout. Sitting in a restaurant you can decide what is feasible for you, from the menu. Having a weight tracker in the days of losing weight, is no lesser than visiting a dietitian daily.

Here is the download link for this Employee Tracking Template,



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