Usually office meetings are conducted to discuss and take necessary measures for up coming challenges. Hence Meeting Action Items are a must to be recorded and distributed among the audience before or afterwards (depending upon the nature of meeting). Here is a useful Meeting Action Items Template to help anyone quickly create this official document.

Meeting is often organized by the business organizations to take different important decisions. In order to make your meeting successful, it is important to work on action items of meeting in advance. 3W “What, Who and When” is a simple formula to identify meeting action items. It will help you to make your meeting more productive and help you to discuss maximum problems in available time. Meeting action items will help you to discuss productive ideas and solutions for your business. In order to impress upper management, it is important to determine meeting action items and take clear and accurate meeting minutes.

Here is preview of this Meeting Action Items,

Meeting Action Items Template

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Meeting action item is a written document in which important events, activities and important actions are being written. These items prove really important for the success and prosperity of your business. Meeting action items can be designed in advance to have a discussion plan before meeting and these can also be extracted from the discussion during meeting on different topics.

Tips for Meeting Action Items

3W meeting action items should be defined on right time for the effective completion of official business assignments and projects. Following are 3W meeting action items that should be considered before, during and after meeting:

Focus on “What”

Before concluding meeting, it is important to verify all identified actions of meeting. First action item will be “What” to focus on. You have to answer different questions like, “what are the important actions to accomplish goals of a project”? This will help you to estimate your resources according to your needs. It is essential to estimate actual needs of project.

Time to Think About “WHO”

It is important to determine “Who” to find best people for the accomplishment of certain goals. Find out those persons who are responsible to successfully carryout assigned actions. It will help you to screen accurately qualified persons and team members. It is important to nominate selected person to explain required meeting actions to the meeting attendees.

Determine “WHEN”

It is time to move off “WHEN” before concluding meeting. Successful and timely completion of every project requires determining right time for the commencement of each action. It is important to ask “when important actions are required to start for on-time completion of project”. This is an important meeting action item because accurate commencement and finale date will increase the success chances of your project. Divide your project in small different tasks and assign accurate time for the commencement of each task according to the requirements of your project.


All above 3W actions items should be addressed on-time, because these action items will provide assurance for the success of your project. It will be great to include meeting action items in the follow-up meeting and send it to all meeting attendees before time. It will increase success opportunities of your project by addressing every before time. It is important for accurate allocation of available resources for each project. Shirley Fine Lee gives a term “RARA” to define meeting action items. RARA means “Roles, Agenda, Records and Action”.

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