Interview Schedule Templates

Interview schedules are very difficult to organize, manage and conduct based upon number of candidates appearing in the interview. Usually it is difficult to predict as how much time one candidate is going to take before he or she can answer all the questions being asked by the interviewer panel. In such situation, it is really helpful for candidates to have a general idea as at what time exactly, he or she is expected to appear in front of the panel. If interviews are going to last whole day, it is really miserable situation for a candidate to walk in for interview in the morning and get his turn at 5pm. To avoid this¬†hassle, preparing a comprehensive Interview Schedule is unavoidable. Here, we are going to share with you a great Interview Schedule Template that can help anyone to create his/her own schedule for up coming company’s recruitment process. This schedule template will help candidates to plan and organize his time effectively while going through Interview Panel one by one or altogether.

Here are previews of these Interview Schedule Templates,

Interview Schedule Template 06
Interview Schedule Template 05
Interview Schedule Template 04
Interview Schedule Template 03
Interview Schedule Template 02
Interview Schedule Template 01


Tips for Comprehensive Interview Schedules:

Here are general tips that can be found useful for newbie Interview Schedule Planner,

  • Accurately market start and ending time for the Interviews
  • Indicate Tea and Launch Break timings accurately
  • Discuss possible questions being asked Interview Panel and then allocate enough time for one candidate to answer them.
  • Explain company’s rule in case one candidate misses its turn or was late to reach interview place.


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