Classroom Seating Chart Templates

Classroom seating arrangement plays important role to maintain the organizations of your class. It helps you to put attention on education of your students therefore it is the responsibility of teacher to prepare a seating arrangement chart for their students. Seating chart should be quick and easy to understand so that students can easily follow it.

With the help of seating char, you can arrange your students in different ways such as alphabetically, according to gender or according to the behavior of students. Seating chart will develop a disciplined behavior in the students of your class and on every new day they will automatically take their seats without any argument. As a teacher, it is your responsibility to design a seating chart for your class according to your teaching style.

Free Classroom Seating Chart Templates

Here are previews and download links for these Classroom Seating Chart Templates,

Classroom Seating Chart Template 06
Classroom Seating Chart Template 05
Classroom Seating Chart Template 04
Classroom Seating Chart Template 03
Classroom Seating Chart Template 02
Classroom Seating Chart Template 01


Tips to Design Classroom Seating Chart

It is necessary for your class and helps you a lot while teaching students so take some time and design a perfect classroom seating chart. Toady I will share some simple tips that will help you to prepare classroom seating chart:

  • You can prepare your classroom seating chart in any word processing program or Microsoft word. In first step, you have to create a table containing some rows and columns according to the number of students in your class.
  • Write name of each student in alphabetical order and write behavior as well as nature of each student in front of his/her name. It will help you to allot right place to each student.
  • Prepare name cards to place on the desk of each student so that you can walk through your class and can address the students with his/her name. It will help you to learn the name of your all students.
  • After knowing each and every student personally, it will be comfortable for you to allocate right place to each student. It will be good to try creative desk arrangement such as place desks in the shape of “U” or prepare groups of four students.
  • It will be good to arrange seats of all students according to their behavior such as give first seats to those students who have behavioral problems because these types of children require special attention so keep them on first place.
  • In next step, you can choose good behavioral students who also known as good citizen students. These students serve as role model for other class fellows. You can also choose different seating arrangements for girls and boys.
  • After finalizing your seating arrangement, prepare a final list and try to take several prints of your classroom seating chart to paste it on different places in the class for the convenience of students. Keep one copy in your folder also so that you can consult it in case of any conflict.


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