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Keeping a record of different things is not easy, but a receipt can make the business easy for you. It’s important to have basic knowledge about how to write a receipt. Writing a receipt will help to keep the records of the details about the sale of a product. If you are doing a business, it serves as a record of every sale. It is also important for the customers as it serves as evidence of the purchase. You can also maintain a digital backup of this record by scanning these receipts into your system for electronic bookkeeping.

The most important point that should be given due importance while writing a receipt is to have a clear idea about the contents that should be included in a receipt. Some common requirements should be included in any receipt. The foremost thing that must be given is the name of your company. You can also add your name if a company doesn’t even exist. However, the travel package receipt will be discussed in detail here. A travel package receipt is a receipt that renders to keep a record of all the expenses that are made throughout a foreign tour. It states all sorts of expenses spent during a tour including hotel wages.

Receipts provide proper documentation for travel expenses. You’re responsible for securing your very personal information while preparing a receipt. Before giving any private documentation along with the receipt, you can dispatch any highly personal information that may include proper whereabouts, information about your residence, contact numbers, security numbers, birth dates, etc.

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Travel Package Receipt Template

The travel package receipt should have the following information related to airfare that is mostly used to travel from one country to another. This information related to airfare further requires the form of payment made for getting airplane tickets or the invoice of any travel agency if it’s involved that should also be mentioned. Then comes the department of lodging. The registration fees should also be mentioned that are required for a foreign tour. The money that was given or payment made to rent a car during the visit should also be part of the receipt. It should be kept in mind that the exact amount of money spent both in digits and words should be mentioned. The form of payment along with some other required information should also be part of the travel receipt.

In case of any business tour proper record of business office expenses such as word processing, fax/copy services should also be listed on the receipt. As we know special fees are required to make foreign travel that is definite for obtaining a passport and visa, that information is also vital. Additionally, charges for checking and storing baggage needed to be mentioned. Another set of expenses that are quite obvious during any tour includes expenditures made for meals. They are also meant to be part of the travel package receipt. The concerned department will contact the concerned authorities to rectify the information given on the receipt.

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