Telephone Sales Order Forms

Sales order is a simple but frequently used form by different companies to write the details of goods sold to customers or will be sold in future. Sales order form usually feature vital details such as name of customer, details of items being sold, purchase price, mode of payment and delivery mode. Sales order form is used to record the sales information related to the delivery of special item such as any personalized gift etc. Every business makes order on regular basis therefore everyone has its own sales order form. It can be time consuming to design a new form on each order therefore it will be good to have a standard draft to use for each and every next order. There are different ways to take business orders such as through telephone, email, online booking etc. therefore different types of sales order forms are designed according to their usage.

Here are previews of our designed Telephone Sales Order Forms,

Telephone Sales Order Form Template 06
Telephone Sales Order Form Template 05
Telephone Sales Order Form Template 04
Telephone Sales Order Form Template 03
Telephone Sales Order Form Template 02
Telephone Sales Order Form Template 01


Tips to Design Telephone Sales Order Form

The most important way to place an order is telephone therefore in order facilitate you, I am going to share some tips to design telephone sales order form:

  • You can choose any spreadsheet or word processing software as per your choice to design a telephone sales order form. You can download a sales order template in order to save your time.
  • Your company logo is necessary so do not forget to insert it in the top left corner of the telephone sales order form. Right below the logo or beside the company logo, you can write name and slogan of your company. Your font should be easy to read so be careful while choosing font style and font size.
  • Top right corner of the telephone sales order form will contain the date and details of order. Allocate proper space to write date, ID of customer and number of order.
  • Sales order form should contain complete details of vendor so do not forget to write the complete address of vendor, name of organization, address and contact numbers.
  • Allocate proper place to write contact details of your vendor’s company and your own company because your sales order form should contain name of your business, contact numbers, address, website and email address. It will serve to promote your business also so keep your telephone sales order form complete.
  • Prepare a table under whole information and try to divide the table into different columns and rows. You have to write details of quantity, item number, description of products, number of unit, price of complete order, unit price, item line etc. Divide table into different rows and columns as per your own choice.
  • Whenever you received a telephonic order, fill the form carefully and then send one copy to vendor via prescribed way and keep one copy with you for your own records.
  • You can use MS Excel to design your telephonic sales order form because it will assist you with auto calculations and make your work really easy.


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