Student of the Year Award Template

An award keeps that sort of uncanny and influencing magical power which always energizes a person even for the impossible. Though the way to get an award is not smooth sailing, its attraction and fascination always hypnotize most of the people who come into its focus.  Reward and punishment are the two things that make the educational system alive and the world in progress forever. The award always comes in the form of reward and keeps a beam of optimism in it and its pursuance is progress in itself. So award can also be rightly called achievement because it is always got be achievers and it has nothing to do with losers

In an educational context, whenever awards are offered to the students, change is observed among the students in their attitude towards the teaching learning process. There are different kinds of awards and scholarships which are surrounding the system of education. All these kinds of awards increase the pace of the teaching-learning process and stir life among the frozen minds.  Reward and punishment go side by side in the educational sphere. Wherever reward provides positive reinforcement, punishment provides negative reinforcement. When a reward presents the brighter side of the educational journey, punishment presents the gloomy side of the journey.

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Student Award Template

The purpose of a student of the year award is to make students realize the importance of competition and achievement in this modern arena of information and technology. Today when the world has become a global village, a war of minds and ideas is started which has dragged the whole world into a race of competition. In this very scenario, it is a hard nut to crack for an individual to keep oneself aloof from all the happenings in the environment. In this way student of the year, the award works as a stimulus for the students. The announcement of this award sets a target for the whole year for the students. This award gives direction to the efforts of the students with a futuristic approach and the struggles for this award can also be considered a preparation for lifelong learning.  The students work hard, move forward, focus their eyes on the target, get patience, collect a plethora of information, keep observation, make analysis, comprehend the situation and then go for the award. The student of the year award is simply a test of nerves and only the genius, intellectual and adventurous kind of students blow the whistle of competition. On the other hand, this award also keeps a social factor in which every student can bring himself from the shadows of darkness and isolation into the mainstream where the skill and hard work is the rule of the day and the students learn, compete and influence one another.

Besides other factors, social factor alone makes wonders in the character building of a student. This kind of award plays a vital role in creating personal qualities among the students because it provides such a platform where the best personal qualities and skills are to be stimulated and used.

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