19+ Free Student Award Certificate Templates

Download these 19+ Free Student Award Templates to help you prepare your own Student Award Certificate easily.

The student awards are the recognition that are specially given to the nominated students for their exceptional academics or non-academic achievements. These awards are the specialty of nearly all the well known institutions.There is a general criterion which is followed by every institution for these awards. There are many advantages of these awards;

  • The students are encouraged to work more hard and for better performance
  • The level of motivation is aroused among the students
  • The competition among the students for growth and better performance is increased many more times
  • The overall efficiency of the education system is improved.

The student awards may be of different types depending upon the awarding body and also the awarding style of the award;

Government Student Award Certificates:

These are the awards which may be introduced by the Government authorities for the students. They are introduced for a limited period of time and the assessment is done on the basis of the merit. Usually these awards are in the form of any scholarships of financial assistance that are to bear the expense of the studies for the selected students.

Non-Government Award Certificates:

These awards are given either by the independent NGO organizations or by the independent institutions. These may be financial or may be in terms of some other grants, gifts or certificates.

  • Financial Awards/Scholarships:
  • Sports Awards/Athletes awards
  • Student of the year award
  • Disciplinary awards
  • Code of conduct awards
  • Extracurricular activities awards

Student Award Certificate Design Guidelines

All these sort of awards are managed in proper way in order to ensure the fair and proper handing over of the award to the respective students. The basic tips that can be followed while designing any sort of the above student award are;

I.            There should be stringent criteria for the selection of the students. This should be strictly the merit which has to be followed equally for all the students without any sort of discrimination.

II.            A fair system of selection should be held. Usually an independent committee should be formed with a responsibility to analyze each and every nominated student from every grade for the given criteria and then finalize the report of its selection.

III.            Every individual application for the selection should be entertained without ignoring any one.

IV.            For the award of financial assistance and scholarships the need based assessment of the candidates should also be kept in mind.

V.            For gifts and other certifications the books related to the latest technology and enhancement of knowledge should be preferred.

VI.            The Certificates which are presented to the students should clearly mention the achievement type and field and the exceptional efforts thus making it a valid document for the future.

  1. The student awards should also follow the interests and motivations of the students, for example if a student win award in sports field then any award related to sports interest would be the most suitable for his achievement.
  2. The student awarded should also be mentioned in the student magazine of the year.

Printable Student Award Certificate Templates

Here is good quality Student Award Template,

Student Award Template 02

Student Award Template 03

Student Award Template 04

Student Award Template 05

Student Award Template 06

Student Award Template 07

Student Award Template 08

Student Award Template 09

Student Award Template 10

Student Award Template 11

Student Award Template 12

Student Award Template 13

Student Award Template 14

Student Award Template 15

Student Award Template 16

Student Award Template 17

Student Award Template 18

Student Award Template 19

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