School Assignment Sheet Templates

Every student requires preparing different assignments as a part of his/her studies that is not an easy task because it is necessary to define goals and expectations effectively in order to write an effective assignment. Basic goal of school assignments are to increase the creative skills of students instead of making them confused or frustrated. Assignments are used to enhance the learning process therefore almost all institutions engage their students in different kinds of school assignments. It is great way to enhance creativity of students by giving them freedom to express their ideas and view points. It can be difficult for students to manage school assignments and sometime they start considering it as burden. You can decrease the difficulty of your kids by providing them rewards on the completion of assignments and in order to do so you have to prepare assignment sheets that are modifiable documents and help you track the performance of all students.

Here are previews of these School Assignment Sheet Templates in MS Word Format,

School Assignment Sheet Template 06
School Assignment Sheet Template 05
School Assignment Sheet Template 04
School Assignment Sheet Template 03
School Assignment Sheet Template 02
School Assignment Sheet Template 01


Important Elements of Assignment Sheet

In first step you have to determine what you want to accomplish with the assignment sheet either you want to track record of your child’s assignments or you want to prepare a specimen of an assignment. You can easily prepare an assignment sheet in word processing programs. In order to make your work easy, today I will share details of important elements of assignment sheet:

  • You can design a tabular format of your assignment sheet to track weekly, monthly or longer assignments of your kids. You can write number of pages read on a certain date to track reading assignment and writing practices of your kids.
  • Open word processing software and draw a table containing different rows and columns according to your requirements. Start with top section and write all titles in the bold form. Write name of subjects in the top row and state regular tasks in the first column such as reading, writing, learning, home work, details of special assignments, starting date, submission date etc. Write all titles in bold font and fill the details of each activity under specific column.
  • Write directions for special assignment such as how many minutes or pages are expected from a child per day. It is good to create a table under the assignment goals and directions to note the performance of each student.
  • If you are prepare assignment sheet for whole class then you can write name of all students and leave empty space to write comments about their performance. It will help you to prepare special strategy for those students who are not doing well.
  • Create a line for signature of parents and date to send the assignment sheets to their parents so that they can be aware about the strengths and weaknesses of their kids. After preparing assignment sheet you can take its printout and can modify it as per your requirements.


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