Retirement plans are really important especially for the retired persons who want to make their retired life free from financial problems. Your retirement plan should be effective enough to pay your essential expenses including health care bills. Retirement plan contribution analysis is a best solution for this problem as you can find future prospects of any retirement plan to pick a best plan according to your retirement goals and objectives. It will be a good decision to pick a tax exempted retirement plan because these types of plans grow faster as compare to others. You have to assume all important investment factors before starting any kind of contribution in the retirement plan. It will be a good decision to collect some information about the retirement plans offered in your own state and then check the income tax rules of your country to pick one best plan.

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Retirement Plan Contributions Analysis Template

Famous Retirement Plans

Following are some famous retirement plans with their income tax exemptions or deductions for your convenience:

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Individual retirement accounts can be of two types i.e. employer sponsored plans that feature SEP and SIMPLE IRAs or non-employer sponsored plans that feature IRAs and Roth IRAs. Roth IRAs plans allow all tax deductible or pretax contributions. These may postpone the tax on investment earning until the time of withdrawal of money from the account. Taxes charges on withdrawals are subjected to the ordinary income tax rates. SEP IRAs are restricted to the $49,000 annually while the SIMPLE plan is restricted at $11,500 and $14,000 annually. Both contributions are usually restricted at $5,000 for the people of under 50s and $6,000 for the people who are older than 50.

401 K Plans

These are employer sponsored retirement plans as these accept pretax contributions for traditional plans and after tax contributions for Roth plans. These contributions are invested into mutual funds in the plan. Contributions to these types of plans are restricted at $16,500 for those who are less than 50 and $22,000 for those 50 and over.


Annuities are retirement investments products planned and sold by life insurance companies. Annuities are considered free from any restrictions so that you can increase your savings for retirement plans. You have to consider income tax rates before calculating your investment gains. It is necessary to know the investment principles before getting any plan for you. If you are interested to annuitize the contract then you can convert annuity to the monthly payments. You have to consider returns on your investments including principle amount. Interest rate is the biggest factor that will help you to calculate the growth on your investment.


Retirement plans are usually set up by employers for their dedicated employees to settle their retired life. Mostly employment plans are funded by employers and in this situation the 401k plans are considered safe. Your received payments are considered as annuity payments so it will be good to take your decision on the basis of full distribution of money.

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