MS Word Company Property Receipt Template

In this post, we have an exclusive Company Property Receipt Template that can be used to print a receipt for the employee when he/she returns a company property back such as vehicles, furniture, etc. This is a Word Template that can easily be filled in Or tailored to the particular situation when and where required. This Receipt Template allows its users to specify employee information that is going to possess this company property along with department and location information. Moreover, it allows to specify Serial Number and Property Number along with Quantity and description.

Purpose of Property Receipt

A property receipt is a document that holds information about any property’s tax payment; this document is useful to prove that you have paid your taxes.  Such issues can arise with taxes related to real estate, if the property owner loses his/her tax receipts or needs a copy of old receipts, they can request them from the government tax agency. It is useful to have such documentation stored at home or have details such as an address, approximate date of payment, and parcel number. Your property tax receipt should describe your property in detail, so there are no doubts about the property you own. Property receipts include an address, description, parcel number, and the names of owners. The date on the property receipt wills not the period covered, the amount paid, when the tax was received and the amount due.

Uses of Property Receipt

It is always a wise decision to keep your property tax receipts safe, for personal tax statements.  As certain payments will be tax deductible, so this way the taxpayer has evidence that he/she has paid those payments. You can keep these documents safe with other property for taxes and other declarations. Your property tax receipts are also useful if a consumer later has questions about how much tax was paid, or believes a tax was erroneously applied and wants to correct the mistake made. A property tax receipt also helps to show to the tax authorities as proof that you have paid all of your taxes if they try to claim that they were not. As the dates are printed on the receipts, you have nothing to worry about false accusations. If you have filed all documents properly, all the original receipts with documents from the tax collector will show that the payments were made.

If by any chance you did not make the payment in full, it may refer to a payment agreement that the property owner can show, which will clarify that he made all the payments on track. It is also important to keep all your property tax receipts in a convenient safe place, so they are available if necessary, and away so children don’t scribble on them. If you are accused of non-payment of taxes, it can be grounds for a lien sale; you can avoid such situations by showing your tax receipts. When you go to pay your tax, and the tax collector does not automatically provide you with a receipt with payment, you can ask for a property tax receipt. You should know that a canceled cheque can also be used as a receipt which is when the information on the memo line is detailed. If you write a cheque to the tax collector and write nothing on the memo line, then that cheque is not helpful. The memo lines should specifically state that the cheque is for property taxes, and for a specific parcel number shows what exactly the payment was intended for.

Free Company Property Receipt Template in MS Word Format

Below is the preview of our own-created Company Property Receipt Template:


Free Company Property Receipt Template

The download button for this Company Property Receipt Template is here.


Company Property Receipt Template FAQs

It contains the following elements; Company name and logo, date of issuance, name and contact information of the recipient, description of the property or assets being transferred, serial numbers or unique identifiers, condition of the property at the time of issuance, TOCs of the property use, including any restrictions or requirements, and signature lines for the recipient and a representative from the company.

Yes, you can easily customize a company property receipt because these templates come in MS Word or MS Excel document which provides complete editing features.

You can find such templates from many online websites as a freebie or paid. There is a pre-designed template is available on our website for creating a pro-type company property receipt.


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