Price Comparison Analysis Templates

Let me share here these Price Comparison Analysis Templates to help you prepare and print your own Price Comparison Analysis Sheet easily.

Today the world is changing very fast and people are buying stuff online rather than going out in market. Online shopping makes it easy for you to shop while sitting in your home as well as it also provide various choices to pick an item. Online shopping websites provide a number of selections to the buyer, and sensible customers take advantage of comparing prices of the same item that is offered by different companies. Either you can do this comparison online or face-to-face.

Price comparison analysis aims not only at the statistical rates but also the invisible prices that are associated with the product under review. Many of the websites on the internet are built only for the comparison of prices. You go on a price comparison website and enter the item name that you want to compare and it will show you different prices of that item offered by more than one organization. Some of the online shopping websites also provide the facility to compare the prices and that way you don’t have to go to a price comparison website.

Here is a good looking Product Price List Template that can help anyone in executing Price Comparison Analysis effectively,

Price Comparison Analysis Template 06
Price Comparison Analysis Template 05
Price Comparison Analysis Template 04
Price Comparison Analysis Template 03
Price Comparison Analysis Template 02
Price Comparison Analysis Template 01

There are different techniques to compare the prices and some of them are listed below:

1: Competitive offer Comparison:
Generally this is the best method for validating the price and it’s done by inquiring to more than 1 company and asking them the price of the same item or service, and then we can decide who is giving more reasonable price. But here is one thing that you have to keep in mind that all the companies should produce the same product with same quality because choosing the cheapest one doesn’t mean to compromise on quality.

2: General Price List Comparison:
We use this method for those products who are very similar to available products and whose price is published for common people. Although there is one thing that you should always remember that when you are using this method you have to make sure to check the standard discounts that the companies are offering. For example, a most of the companies give discounts on electrical equipments around holidays and you have to check that out too.

3: Alike products Comparison:
Suppose you want to buy a product by a specific brand and there are other products that are similar to that product but made by different companies but with lower prices, its best to get to know the specifications of all products and then make a decision about that product which is cheap in price but also with good qualities.

It’s very important to not buy a product so quickly that you have no time to check for the substitutes. Comparing the price is a reasonable thing to do which makes the future shopping much easier. There is one thing to remember that there is nothing to be ashamed of checking out the prices or asking different companies about the prices of their product. Believe that if you analyze the product price, you will feel much more proud to buy the product that is just perfect for you and your pocket.


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