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Download these Free Press Release Templates in MS Word Format to make your own Press Release Template easily.

A press release can be deduced as an

“A formal announcement if a breaking news or a story about your company association or organization that the public media might acknowledge and be interested in”

The information is provided to the reporters or editorial which is then published in the respective media.

Several announcements can be made to introduce a happening of yours to the pupils.

These can be

  • The ceremonial launch of your products service or business
  • A public competition or contest
  • Announcement of a brand partnership, merger, or acquisition
  • Charity & community shows
  • Rebranding or promotions

Key steps for developing a press release

Step 1: Picking up a newsworthy Highlight:

Finding a newsworthy angle is very crucial. Using a template, we can edit the headline accordingly. When the business journalist fails to create an interesting story, people will not be intrigued to check it out. Your ideas must be newsworthy.

Step 2: Making the Headline Strong:

Make sure the headline of your press release is concrete and concise. The headline needs to be catchy enough so that the readers are attracted to it. Using jargon that is compelling and clear. The headline should be catchy and attractive. The headline should convey value to the publishers.

Step 3: Creating a Story Subtitle:

While using a press release template the Subtitle space can be edited according to your needs. The customization is very simple when using a template. Now that you know you are to add a subtitle the entire story has to be summarized in this portion. The subtitle should be concrete enough to give a follow-up of the entire content of the press release. The story subtitle should support the headline and the body of the press release

Step 4: Informational essentials before the body:

After the Subtitle and before the main body the credentials of your business organization or institutions are to be detailed. These include the name of your association, and its location i.e. headquarters or states. These essentials should be followed by the date of your event.

Step 5: Rhetorical Information:

After introducing the essentials of the company, you are associated with, describing your press release is important. A brief description of, who are you and what you are describing in your press release is lair here. Communal answers to where news took place and when was it occasioned are outlined. This gives an overview of the happening to the audience. The rhetorical expressions must be addressed in a way that catches the attention of the viewers.

Step 6: Main body and context:

This is a detailed description of the event that you are trying to communicate what you are promoting here. You have to add the statistics or other research details related to your release in this part. This part should complement and quote the main headlines. In the primary section, quickly explain to journalists why they should share your declaration by clarifying why their pursuers care. Offer an alarming measurement, outlandish actuality, or imaginative turn of events. At that point utilize supporting sections to rejuvenate your delivery, with subtleties and bright statements. Just expressing realities or sounding self-complementary won’t do.

Step 7: Summarize your Press release:

This should conclude your article and the active details. A press release sample already has this section created all you have to do is edit this part. Spare the details and conclude your press release in this part. Make a strong conscious conclusion highlighting the main message of your press release. You can look into the press release samples to see how to conclude your press release effectively so that the audience is impressed by reading it.

Step 8: Adding the broiler plate:

Now add the whereabouts and other contact details of your company and you are good to go. Complete your delivery with a solid yet concise standard. Clarify what your organization does and why its partners are specialists in the business. Furthermore, remember to incorporate contact details that will help the stakeholders contact you. A press release sample can be used to get an idea of shaping this last part.

Free Press Release Templates

Here is our collection of Free Press Release Templates for you to download.

press release template 01

Here is the download link for this Press Release Template 01,


press release template 02

The download link for this Press Release Template 02 is here,


press release template 03

Here is the download link for this Press Release Template 03 in MS Word Format,


press release template 04

The download link for this Press Release Template 04 is below,


press release template 05

Here is the download link for this Press Release Template 05 in MS Word Format,


press release template 06

The download link for this Press Release Template 06 is here,


press release template 07

Here is the download link for this Press Release Template 07 in MS Word Format,


press release template 08

The download link for this Press Release Template 08 is here,


press release template 09

Here is the download link for this Press Release Template 09 in MS Word Format,


press release template 10

The download link for this Press Release Template 10 is here,


Press Release Templates FAQs

Using a press release template can save time and ensure consistency in your press releases. It provides a structured framework that helps you organize information effectively and present it professionally. Templates also help maintain a cohesive brand image across your press releases.

Customizing a press release template is not rocket science. You can simply replace the text and edit the headline to reflect the news you’re announcing, tailor the body paragraphs to convey your message clearly and update the contact information with relevant details. You can also incorporate your company’s branding elements, such as logos or color schemes.

Press release templates can be found online on various websites that specialize in public relations resources. Many PR software platforms and services also offer templates. Additionally, you can create your template by formatting a document in a standard press release layout.

Yes, there are various types of press release templates available to suit different purposes. Some common types include product launch press releases, event announcement press releases, personnel appointment press releases, and financial results press releases. Each type focuses on specific information and may have slight variations in structure and content.

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