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Packing List Templates

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Download our collection of Free Packing List Templates to help you prepare your Packing List effectively.

A Packing List Template is another useful template that can be used to create a packing list for your next shipment. Packing lists are required to be filled and attached with every kind of shipment matter it is traveling domestically or internationally. Almost every shipment agency has to deal with these packing lists and exporters are the main entity to prepare these packing lists regularly. This Packing List Template can be very handy to all parties as it allows you to quickly create a professional Packing List. This List Template also allows you to specify details of every item being shipped along with its quantity.

Packing List Template Uses

Traveling is a great way to fill your life with fun and adventurous experiences but travel preparations and packing can be stressful for you. It requires plenty of time and effort otherwise shortage of necessary items during travel can increase your travel expenses. If you want to pack all essential items with you to make your travel more comfortable then it is vital to design a packing list in advance. It is a great way to overcome your habit of forgetfulness and let you effectively plan your trip. Packing for the trip with the help of a packing list can reduce the amount of stress and exhaustion. It is the best way to remember all the important items to keep with you.

When to Prepare Packing List?

A packing list can make your work easy so it is essential to design it before heading on your journey. It will make sure to keep every important thing with you that is important during travel. Packing can be stressful without a packing list because there are lots of significant items that are essential to carry with you like toothpaste, shampoo, outfits, sleepers, etc. It will alleviate your packing process and help you to handle every problem perfectly.

Packing list is important for you so design it on first preference following are some general guidelines that will help you to design a perfect packing list for you:

Types of Packing Lists

Divide your list into different categories to specify different important items in each category to keep yourself organized. It will help you to pack important stuff according to the requirements of your family.

Clothing Category

It will be good to start your list with the clothing category because it is the most important part of your luggage. Create a bulleted list to mention the clothing needs during your trip. Do not forget to consider the season of your target location and pack everything according to the summer or winter season. It will be good to divide this list into men’s and women’s sections because both have different clothing requirements. List everything like socks, shirts, jeans, tops, pants, bras, bathing suits, swimming suits, coats, etc according to the climate. If you are going on business travel then you will require suits, ties and dress shoes.

Toiletry Category

Again create a bulleted list and write all important toiletries like shampoo, hair conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, razor, nail clipper, moisturizing lotion, perfumes, cologne, makeup kit, and sanitary napkins.

Medical Items

Do not forget these items to include in your list because anyone can get a sudden injury or headache etc. You should have all necessary medications with you including Band-Aids, Antacids, pain killers, throat drops, ear drops, eye drops, and prescribed medications.

Travel Items

Travel items will include tickets, passports, licenses, Debit cards, credit cards, car rental details, confirmation numbers, and hotel booking details.

Other Items

You can include some recreational items in your list to spend some quality leisure moments. It will be good to include a camera, iPod, laptop, snacks, pillows, and gum.

Printable Packing List Template for Download

Here is a preview of this Packing List Template,

Packing List Template 02


Allow me to share another Camping Packing List Template using MS Word.

Packing List Template 04

Download this Spring Break Packing List Template for Beach Parties.

Packing List Template 06




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