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Nail services are the most sought after and desired by every woman (and man) out there. Thanks to the internet, nails have become a sensation and everybody wants their nails to look pretty and perfect. Gone are the days when women and men used to trim and make their nails look pretty at home, now people go to special nail salons that offer only nail services. They are willing to pay a lot of money to keep their beloved nails pretty and perfect. By keeping this demand in mind, you need to make a Nail services salon price to help your potential customers know the prices offered by the nail salon. A client will immediately seek out a Nail services salon price list from where he/she can make a choice.

Free Nail Services Salon Price List Template

Here is a preview of a Free Printable Nail Services Salon Price List Template created using MS Excel,

Nail-services-salon-price-list-template 01

Here is the download link for above shown free Printable Nail Services Salon Price List Template,


The first and foremost thing when making a Nail services salon price list is to make it while thinking about your customer in mind and his/her needs. You need to be fully aware of your client’s psyche and need to be well aware of the things that would act as instant attractions and would call customers towards your service. This can be done by making use of various fonts and by making use of various colors as well. For a nail salon, colors are everything, so use them to the fullest. Then you need to type in your price list according to the various services you offer. If there is a special price or a special condition with the price of something then it should be mentioned along or should be mentioned at the bottom of the page or board with an asterisk. Make use of various images and graphics to make your price list innovative and fun for people and clients. Use your images to attract customers instantly.

Since people will be trusting their most beloved part to you, they need to know what you offer and what you can do. And the best way is through photographs of your work! If you plan on offering various discounts or packages then they should be mentioned right in the front. This is the best way to attract customers, who wouldn’t be attracted by discounts and packages?!

Just make sure that your Nail services salon price list isn’t disorganized and neither is it haphazard. There needs to be a sense of continuity and flow so your customers can have a better idea and can view the prices and the services with a relaxed mind. Avoid using any font or any color that might be distracting and may destroy the whole look of the price list. Make use of a color palette that is linked to your shop or your business, it is a marketing tactic to make people remember your shop or business. There is no harm in making a stylish price list and aligning your business with your price list. It will be a sure winner and will attract more customers than ever!

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