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Job search is always a matter of trouble to find a matching job search in all aspects, whether it industry, position, age limits, salary scale, organizations, departments, locations, etc which you always wished to match the criteria you have been putting in,  taking into account your education, age, expected and current salary, your experiences, etc. And it becomes more difficult when you are into switching your industry and department or any other criteria.

Preparing Networking Sources for your refined and effective job search is truly recommended in the current scenario of the job markets in the presence of several employment consultants, agents, and recruitment mediums prevailing globally in the job market.

Networking is primarily a process whereby you utilize your contacts, both social and official (people you have known at your work), whom you feel might guide you or help you in another mean, to find you a good Job.

Free List of Network Sources Template

Here is a preview of the List of Network Sources that can be used along with your Resume & Job Application,

List of Network Sources.


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Preparing Networking Sources for a job search starts when initiated by compiling and then exchanging information on your relevant job industry with people in your contacts/circle. It does not mean that you get a Job easily from this source but it helps you in terms of advice, gives you options, you learn to have new terms, creates new connections, etc.

For instance, as a first step, you may look for people in your contacts who are of your industry or they might be of some other industry but you feel that they are all-rounders or they are well experienced, well qualified (Like we have some best people in our families as well who can discuss anything and can advise on anything, some real hero types), you think their advice might be valuable and feasible as well, people who are with good connections (personal relations), etc.

Secondly, try to meet them informally or formally, asking them for their valuable time and letting them know your purpose of meeting that is you want to inquire about a few things such as their success stories, how they got the job, what helped them grow, what are their career growth factors, etc.

Developing questions to be asked is the main factor in Preparing networking sources just because answers to your questions are what will help you in determining your job search criteria, steps, process, main area of interest, options, etc.

Nowadays, we also find the web as a source of networking whereby there are several blogs, sites, and links whereby you can formally interview people, telephonic-ally, by email, by SMS, physical meetings, etc. These all are developed with the current job market traffic and internationally skilled people requirements where employers may hunt good people globally and vice versa.

There is an important note in preparing networking sources for job search is to always try to follow up with that contact who was the point of inspiration and help for you when you were into networking, just a thanks call is sufficient.

List of Network Sources Template FAQs

To create a “List of Network Sources,” start by brainstorming all your existing connections, including friends, family, former colleagues, classmates, and mentors. Then, expand your network by joining relevant professional associations, attending industry events, and engaging in online communities. Additionally, research and identify online platforms, job boards, and recruitment agencies that cater to your industry or field of interest. Consolidate all these contacts and resources into a centralized document or spreadsheet.

A well-curated “List of Network Sources” can enhance your job search in several ways. With its help, one can get access to a wider pool of job opportunities through personal referrals and recommendations. Secondly, it helps you tap into the hidden job market, where many positions are filled through networking rather than traditional job postings. Thirdly, it allows you to stay updated on industry trends, events, and news through relevant professional associations and online communities. Finally, it enables you to leverage the expertise and insights of your network for informational interviews, advice, and guidance during your job search.

To leverage your “List of Network Sources” effectively, it’s essential to maintain regular communication with your contacts. Reach out to them periodically to update them on your job search progress, share relevant industry news or insights, and seek their advice or assistance. Be proactive in attending networking events, both online and offline, to expand your network further. Remember to offer help and support to your contacts whenever possible, as networking is a reciprocal process. Additionally, utilize the resources listed in your network sources, such as online job boards or recruitment agencies, to actively search for job openings and apply accordingly.

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