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A Job Description is a list of responsibilities that comes under a single job position or designation. The job description for each employee is different and making them separate and different from other employees. For the success of an organization, a job description is important because it helps an employee to understand his duties. It also helps  him to become efficient and productive as he understand the expectations of their employer. The job description of each position is different. However there are a few key elements that should always be part of a good and perfect job description.

Key Elements of a Job Description Template

Following are the key elements of a job description template,

Title or Job Position

It is important for an employer to clarify the title or job position. This will help employees in understanding their responsibilities and tasks. In this section, write down the summary of job in a concise way. Make sure it is in understandable form. It shall explain your purpose of the job, the main objectives and goals, qualification and experience to qualify for this job. Usually the section consists of three to four lines.

Location or work site

It is also important to provide information about the location of the job or work site. This will make the nature of the job more clear and understandable.


Try to design your job description form in bullets as job seekers don’t have too much time and therefore they put an overview of job description forms and therefore bullets can make your designed form attractive and effective.

Tasks and Key Responsibilities

In this section the employer should provide detail information about different regular tasks of the job as well as the key responsibilities. In the case of management job the employer should clear that that how it will be managed. It is ameliorated to list all the tasks and responsibilities separately and preferably in bullets so that people with disabilities can understand and apply to the job. It is best to list minimum six and maximum ten major responsibilities of the job.

Terms and Rules of the Company

The job description form should also have information about the terms and rules of the company. The section usually contains information about schedules, pay grade, promotion criteria, special benefits or allowances and vacations allowed in a single month or year.

Specific Requirements

In most cases jobs need to have any special requirements that are additional to qualification, skills and experience and therefore an employer must mention such kind of requirements clearly in the job description form. Special requirements include driving, physical fitness to perform heavy work, to spend most of the time on the road or work site etc.

Special Note

Each job description form should have a special note from the company or organization. In such kinds of notes usually companies mention that the right of final decision is with the management of the company and the company is eligible to reject any applicant without disclosing the reason. It is really important because it will save the company legally from any kind of discrimination case.

Printable Job Description Templates

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Job Description Template

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