Download these 10 Free ID Card Templates in MS Word Format to make your own ID Card Template easily.

An identity card is essential documentation required for many types of applications. The identity card is utilized to associate an individual to data about the individual, frequently in an information base. The photograph and other necessary information are inculcated in the document so that the database can be used to trace the basic activities of the individual. The identity card should have all the necessary information on it, for example, the conveyor’s complete name, age, birth date, address, a distinguishing proof number, card number, sexual orientation, citizenship. ID cards are very important documents, which are required for all types of official and non-official processing. For moving in the corporate sector or where ever you are your national identity card is the identification of a person it provides the general database and basic national or international identity of a person. While designing the ID card careful insight.  A few tips to design good and standard Identity cards are as follows:

Keep it Simple:

The best identity cards are the least complex. Try to avoid a layout with an excessive number of pictures or text styles. Rather keep the customization very simple that contains a couple of key highlights: your organization name, the worker’s name, picture, and job, and the expiry date of the card. The font size should neither too big nor very small that it becomes illegible.

Utilize a Large, Clear Image:

The most significant part of an ID card is the photograph of the representative. The photograph permits workers accountable for checking the personality of individuals in the association to rapidly choose if the cardholder is a similar individual who appeared on the card. Choose a very official and professional picture against a plain, light-hued foundation and guarantee it shows up enormous enough on the card to permit simple distinguishing proof.

Incorporate the Name of the Organization/ Country:

Your association with the organization or any country should be on the card, in such a manner that cards can be returned easily to the owner in case it is lost. Incorporate the name and logo of your company on the card in such a manner that it is clear and visible.

Use of a Suitable Font:

Pick a text style that is quite simple. Don’t use any type of text styles that are excessively particular and don’t utilize italics. Capital letters are frequently simpler to understand, so try to put key data in capital letters. The font size should be such that the main headings are clear and concise. Make sure that the descriptive details are in the size that is professional.

Pick the Background Color Carefully:

The color of the background that is too dull can make the data on the ID card very difficult to perceive. Pick white or a light foundation shading for your ID card structure. Make sure you use a professionally acceptable format. Moreover, the design of the card must be recognized internationally.

Consider Making ID Card Holders:

To assure that the identity card can be easily kept and carried around you can also make an identity cardholder as well. While designing the identity card holder make sure that the customization of the cardholder is comparable to the framework of the card. While designing the cardholder make sure that it doesn’t cover any key data, for example, the representative name or your associations’ logo. You may need to leave a little fringe around the edges of the card to guarantee that significant data isn’t secured by a standard cardholder.

Concrete Information:

Make sure all the information on the card is right and true. The necessary information on the card should be aligned according to the right order so that it does not create any ambiguities. The information and database should be true and official. Any type of mistakes and false information can lead to serious legal and lawful problems. In fact, imitating someone else or giving away the wrong credentials on this type of documents is a crime. After completing the documentation make sure to recheck all the information provide on the card and tally it with the database to avoid all types of errors and omissions.

Free ID Card Templates

Here is our collection of Free ID Card Templates for you to download.

ID Card Template 01

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ID Card Template 02

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ID Card Template 03

Here is the download link for this ID Card Template 03 in MS Word Format,


ID Card Template 04

Download link for this ID Card Template 04 is below,


ID Card Template 05

Here is the download link for this ID Card Template 05 in MS Word Format,


ID Card Template 06

Download link for this ID Card Template 06 is here,


ID Card Template 07

Here is the download link for this ID Card Template 07 in MS Word Format,


ID Card Template 08

Download link for this ID Card Template 08 is here,


ID Card Template 09

Here is the download link for this ID Card Template 09 in MS Word Format,


ID Card Template 10

Download link for this ID Card Template 10 is here,


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