15 Free Hourly Invoice Templates

Here is an Hourly Invoice Template that anyone can use to bill time spent on client site or project in any field of life. There are two kind of invoicing in business world: Time based and/or Service or Product based. This word template is useful for first category and can easily help you to print bills professionally to your customers. This Hourly Invoice Template allows you to mention your task description and time in terms of hours to bill it to your customer for payment. It also allows you to specify customer name and address in order to send it through fax or email. A ship to address is also specified just to help you meet an odd requirements if exists.

Using Hourly Invoice Template

Invoices are the documents provided by a company, a shopkeeper, a sale person or any other such individual. Stating the total charges and the cost for the product or any service they have provided their customer with. In simple terms it is a billing document to keep record of the sales and services provided by any firm. If a company provides his customer with services continuously all the time. It would be very profitable to keep record of the charges of all these services provided. Hourly invoice reports should be extensive and must cover all the details. Several software are available in the market and on the internet that can help. So that you can achieve this purpose and make your tiresome task easy and simple.

Here is preview of this Hourly Invoice Template,

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Hourly Invoice Template Guidelines

Invoices are everyday requirement for anybody who has a business or shopping place or any other service being provided by him to the customers. People are always trying to devise new ways to make their work easier. These days internet is flooded with such software that help you prepare invoice. Most of such software can be downloaded without any charges or very less, if any. Such software provides you with preloaded, ready to write templates for the invoice. And you barely have to do any work other than just filling up those empty invoice forms. Even if anyone does not want to buy any software and spend money on such items. He can always download free of cost templates provided by different websites on the internet.

These are pretty easy to find and very handy to use, makes your work quite a lot easier than it would be without it. Microsoft Excel is on the most powerful tool available that makes your invoice work comfortable, and it’s probably the most popular around the globe. Because you can always use those downloaded templates with this software, it provides better work environment and is quite user friendly. Plus it also provides you with some of the most spectacular preloaded invoice templates, that you don’t feel the need to go waste time on the internet or market looking for those. These hourly invoice templates are technically blank invoice forms that can easily be filled in with the relevant data.

Download Hourly Invoice Templates in MS Word

The template form consists of empty fields about the hourly services being provided, for instance, 24 hours internet service. It would be pretty useful if you keep track of all the data being used after regular intervals. This is where you use such hourly invoice reports. Apart from just filling in the invoice templates, MS Excel also makes it easier to calculate all the charges and numerical data with the built-in calculator and formulas.

Preparing invoice reports were never this easy before, but with the advancement in technology it is getting easier by the times. Gone are the times when you have to fill every single invoice form with your bare hands. Now you can always use templates to make invoice and printers to print it.

Here is our collection of Free Hourly Invoice Templates.

hourly invoice template 02

hourly invoice template 03

hourly invoice template 04

hourly invoice template 05



Download Hourly Invoice Templates in MS Excel

Here is our collection of Free Hourly Invoice templates created using MS Excel.

hourly invoice template 06

hourly invoice template 07

hourly invoice template 08

hourly invoice template 09

hourly invoice template 10

hourly invoice template 11


hourly invoice template 12

hourly invoice template 13

hourly invoice template 14

hourly invoice template 15


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