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Imagine this, you just walk into a hairdresser and have no idea as to what you want and what you should get done for your hair. You know that you need a change but aren’t too sure of what you want, plus you’re on a budget as well. You don’t want to ask the hairdresser to sound too clingy or too needy but also need to know the prices offered by the hairdresser. You immediately seek out a hairdresser’s price list from where you can make a choice and know that you will be well within your budget as well. Now imagine a clientele coming in with the same perspective about your hairdressing services. You need to make a hairdressing price list that would both help your potential customer in making a decision and your existing customer to know about the various prices that you offer.

Here is a preview of a Hairdressing Price List Template,

Hairdressing-price-list-Template 1

Here is the download link for this Hairdressing Price List Template,


The first and foremost thing when making a hairdressing price list is to make it while thinking about your customer in mind. You need to ensure that they are attracted to it and you would think about things that would act as instant attractions and would call customers towards your service. This can be done by adding a bit of fun and a bit of funk to the price list by making use of various fonts and by making use of various colors as well. Then you need to type in your price list according to the various services you offer. For example, hair dye and haircut should be different and should have sub-divisions that come under their respective genres and their prices should be mentioned accordingly. If there is a special price or a special condition with the price of something then it should be mentioned along or should be mentioned at the bottom of the page or board with an asterisk. Make use of various images and graphics to make your price list innovative and fun for people and clients. You can always encompass images of hair, dyes, and stylish hairstyles to attract people. Just make sure these images aren’t Googled and are genuine. People nowadays have a keen eye for fake and genuine! If you plan on offering various discounts or packages then they should be mentioned right in the front. This is the best way to attract customers, who wouldn’t be attracted by discounts and packages?!

Just make sure that your price list isn’t disorganized and neither is it haphazard. There needs to be a sense of continuity and flow so your customers can have a better idea and can view the prices and the services with a relaxed mind. Avoid using too many bright colors or too many dull colors. Make use of a color palette that has both bright and dull colors to balance out the whole look of the price list. There is no harm in making a stylish price list and aligning your business with your price list. It would be a winner!

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