Selling your house is not an easy task because it is really difficult to find right person and sometimes it end up with some loss. It is wise to calculate the gain ratio on the proposed sale of your house before preceding the transaction. It will help you to understand either this transaction is in your favor or not. Having information about the transaction in advance will lead you toward right direction before cracking a deal about sale of the house. Everyone wishes to earn some profit therefore you have to subtract the original purchase price from the price of sale. If you want to get accurate estimate of your gain on the sale of house then you have to consider fee of agent, closing fees and different other cost factors that can affect your gain on sales.

Here is preview of this Gain on Sales of a House Analysis Template,

Gain on Home Sale Sheet


Tips to Calculate Gain on Sales of a House

If you want to calculate the gain on the sales of a house then I am going to share some simple and useful tips for it:

  • In first step, you have to settle the selling price of your house so that you can compare it with other factors. If the actual sale price is unknown then you can estimate the price according to your area in order to calculate expected gain on the sale of house.
  • It is necessary to deduct the payoff balance of recent mortgage and for this purpose you can call the lender to know about the exact payoff amount as per an estimated date with additional interest expenses.
  • During the possession of the property you often do some repair work so does not forget to deduct repair costs. While selling the house, you have to make sure that the house is according to the standards, rules and regulations of your area.
  • It will be good to get a certification from the town authorities and subtract all costs from your potential gain on the sale of your house. Home inspector of your area will help you to ensure the repairs requirements of your house.
  • Pending property taxes should also be subtracted from the amount of gain you have earned from the sale of your house. You have to pay the taxes, attorney fees, insurance costs, mortgage releases and survey costs. You can ask your agent to get summary of these costs.
  • If you have planned anything for the benefit of seller then its cost should also be subtracted from the amount of gain. Some sellers require some percentage of selling price so make sure to fix all these matters before time in order to avoid any problem. This will serve as a perk for seller and you have to subtract this amount from amount of gain.
  • Real estate agents also demand for some commission so estimate this figure and deduct it from the amount of gain to calculate actual profit of loss. It will be good to talk to your agent in advance otherwise some misunderstandings can be created.

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