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Mostly all companies hire new staff around the year and sometimes they need to hire some staff or employees that have no experience at all. This way the company takes the extra responsibility of training those employees and making them work in the company with maximum skills and expertise. Every company has an HR department which these kinds of matters such as firing existing staff, estimating the needs of the company, interviewing and hiring new staff members, training them, and placing them in the right place where they should be placed. When you hire a small amount of untrained staff, it’s not that big of a deal for the company as those employees will learn while working with existing staff and observing their work and duties but if you have hired a huge number of new and untrained employees, don’t expect it to be a piece of cake. You will have to train and teach all those employees and bring the best out of each one of them. In this situation, you need to keep documented proof of each employee’s training process, performance, and progress. Keeping this document or information in documentation form is called keeping an employee training log.

An employee training log is a book in which you keep the untrained or trained employees such as their names, designations, their trainee, the date they joined the team, the expected duration of time they will be ready to work for the company and space for regular updates about them by their trainee or instructor. This way by taking a glance, the supervisor understands the progress ratio of individual employees, and as the log also keeps their special skills or expertise, they can be considered to be placed on the related posts before they even finish their training. Sometimes companies ask their managers or supervising staff to keep such logs to put the observations of the employees whereas some companies ask individual employees to keep such a log by themselves. This way an employee can write his or her own experience and review the training and if he is learning anything or just wasting time. These logs at the end of each session or the entire training, are reviewed and analyzed by a supervisor who then decided which employee has learned the most and which one needs to take the training again. In this matter communication log document also helpful to keep track of those employees who have been already informed or yet pending to intimate for receiving training.

Free Employee Training Log Template

Here is a preview of a Free Sample Employee Training Log Template created using MS Excel,

Employee Training Log Template.

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Companies usually prepare their employee training logs but if you don’t know how to do that or your company is not that big, you can get help from some websites. Many websites on the internet offer to create such a log free of cost and you don’t have to do much effort. Also if you don’t want to do either of the above, you can prepare a simple log by yourself at home. It’s up to you if you want to create it on paper or want to use a computer to create a new spreadsheet which will serve as a simple yet professional training log.

Importance of Employee Training Log:

  • This program controls the training of employees and new staff in the company.
  • It makes the employee understand the job requirement in a better way.
  • It helps the trainee to find out the best employees during the training and by doing so; one can eliminate the unprofessional or less skilled employees before properly hiring them.
  • You can present a presentation about the ongoing training to the owner or the management because by using this log, you have a clear knowledge of each employee’s expertise and abilities.

Employee Training Log Template FAQs

Using an employee training log template is important for several reasons. It provides a systematic way to document and organize training activities, ensuring that no important training sessions are missed. It helps organizations keep track of the training progress and performance of their employees, enabling them to assess their development and identify any skills gaps. Additionally, a training log template can serve as a valuable record for compliance purposes or during performance evaluations.

For organizations, an employee training log template provides a centralized and easily accessible record of training activities, allowing them to monitor the effectiveness of their training programs and make informed decisions regarding future training initiatives. It helps determine areas where additional training may be needed and supports compliance with industry regulations or internal training requirements. For employees, the training log template serves as a personal record of their professional development, highlighting their acquired skills and training achievements, which can be valuable for career advancement and performance evaluations.

Employee training log templates can be found easily in various formats and styles online. You can search for them on websites that offer free templates or check with professional organizations or training institutions within your industry. Additionally, many productivity software applications or human resources management systems provide built-in templates or tools for tracking employee training. Customizing a template to suit your organization's specific needs is also an option, using spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

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