Editorial Assistant provides support to their editorial staff in all stages of production and publication of books, journals, magazines, online text material, and publicity materials. These professionals also assist in the administration of commissioning, planning, and production of publications for their senior editorial staff.

The editorial assistant position is an entry-level position that has open options of progression with experience in some settings. Once the necessary professional skills and experience are acquired, it comes to progression opportunity to a senior position, such as features editor, or commissioning editor.

These professionals also work under online publication setups. Currently, digital publication is growing with the advancement of the internet and information technology. So there are growing opportunities to work for online publications that may include editing, website content writing, or use of social media.

If you are going to apply for the Editorial Assistant position, your resume should showcase all your proficiencies to grab the attention of the potential employer. Before you write an Editorial Assistant resume, you need to know all the job responsibilities and requirements for this position. It will be helpful to make your resume specific to meet the special requirements of a potential employer.

Here is a preview of a Free Editorial Assistant Resume created using MS Word,

Editorial Assistant Resume

All degrees are acceptable for this entry-level position. However, journalism, media studies, communication studies, or English relevant qualifications can be highlighted in your resume if you have any of these. Some employers want a specialist qualification to meet their particular work requirements. However previous writing or editing experience should be mentioned in the resume essentially.

In case you are going to apply for an in-house publication setup, your job responsibilities may involve writing articles and reports, amending articles, and/or assembling writings of several authors using the specialist electronic publishing packages, e.g. QuarkXPress, InDesign. So make sure that your resume contains information about these skills for your potential employer.

If you are applying your resume for an online publication setup, it must include your skills in proofreading, editing, writing content, and using social media. Show your excellent skills in the English language and communication. Mention your knowledge of uploading text and images to a website using a content management system. Also, highlight your expertise in compiling newsletters using web design software, and distributing newsletters using the software. These skills will strengthen your resume and make it stand in a crowd.

Whatever the format or type of resume you are utilizing, personal detail and contact information can be easily adjusted on the top of all resumes. Like a typical entry-level resume format, you can build portions of job objectives, personal summary, work history, professional skills, and education. Moreover, you can add awards or affiliations parts if necessary. Though it is an entry-level resume, you can easily adjust it to add additional professional skills to support your resume impression and weight. You can arrange these items according to the type of resume format you are using. You can write your career objectives as “Seeking a position of Editorial Assistant with (company name) where my love for editing and publishing books is utilized to publish error-free materials and complete each job task”.

An employer may be looking for some specific abilities in your resume when you give it in the hands of a potential employer. It may be of great interest to a potential employer to see abilities of time management, task initiative, working with deadlines, maintaining calmness under pressure, reading details, and good interpersonal skills.

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