Drug and Alcohol Policy Template

The drugs and alcohols policy is made for the office to provide the employee the drug free working environment. The drug and alcohols usage causes a lot of legal and ethical issues at the work place which may affect the efficiency and productivity of the individuals at the workplace. The use of the harmful drugs and alcohols may cause the loss of money, various sorts of health related issues, adding costs to injuries, diversion of the mental attention and loss of mental satisfaction and concentration.

According to the latest survey by the International Labor Organization the few observations related to the use of drugs and alcohols at the workplace are;

  • About 25 % of the injuries at the workplace are due to the illegal use of the drugs and alcohols.
  • The use of the harmful drugs and alcohols is the reason of many associated problems at the workplace.
  • The employee with the use of the harmful drugs and alcohols may result in causing the mental, physical and many family issues.

To avoid all these problems, every employer is interested to develop a drug and alcohols policy at the workplace to provide its employee a drug free environment and also making the employee to obey the duty of the care at the workplace.

Here is preview of this Drug and Alcohol Policy Template,

Drug and Alcohol Policy Template

The drug and alcohol policy is maintained to ensure the working environment which is according to the health and safety standards being issued by the duty of the care act of that society or judiciary. The policy is maintained to collect and maintain the record related to the usage of drugs at the time of induction by the Human resource department. This policy should be clear enough to collect as much information as can be even at the time of the interview of the individuals so that the individuals using the prohibited drugs cannot be inducted. This can also be tested by using different sort of test specified for each type of drug as a part of the medical examination.

The further guidelines for the policy for the drug and alcohols usage at the workplace are;

  • The code of behavior should be circulated to the entire employee addressing the exact time to take alcohols, setting the acceptable standards for the output or productivity, and mentioning the acceptable blood alcohols levels.
  • The next target of the work policy is to specify the roles of every personnel in case to maintain an appropriate working environment for every worker; to keep the official records, to maintain disciplinary environment at the workplace.
  • To summarize the procedures of the drug testing for every individual working at the workplace.
  • To indicate the names of the drugs and the alcohols types that are acceptable to the department at the workplace and also indicating the amounts of the drugs that are acceptable at the workplace.
  • The use of the drugs and alcohols should not be affecting the workplace environment, not any disciplinary issues.

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