Daily Production Report Templates

If you are dealing with production or manufacturing unit then you must be aware of the importance of Daily Production Report prepared on daily basis. Preparing this report is the direct responsibility of production manager or general manager in some industries. This report template is created using MS Excel so that anyone can easily prepare this report using this template. Usually people related to manufacturing business are already well conversant with MS Excel as a tool to create different kind of estimates and reports on regular basis. Such production reports are collected by higher management to do important decisions in order to meet up coming delivery schedules and professional commitments.

Daily production report is an important report for the film industry. This report is written by filmmakers to note down production activities of whole day. Although, there is no specific template for the daily production report but you have designed a specific format for daily production report. It is the responsibility of assistant directors to design daily production report. Despite some superficial differences, all daily production reports contain similar information and a blank table is created on the legal sized sheet of paper. Daily production reports prove really helpful to track progress of production and all expenses occurred on regular basis. Daily production report is designed for the studio executives so that they can review regular progress. This report serves for legal purposes also therefore proper record keeping is important.

Here are previews of this Daily Production Report Templates,

Daily Production Report Template 06
Daily Production Report Template 05
Daily Production Report Template 04
Daily Production Report Template 03
Daily Production Report Template 02
Daily Production Report Template 01


The Front Panel of Daily Production Report

    • Top portion of the daily production report will contain name of Production Company, title of production, details of director, producers, unit production managers, assistant directors and total planned production days and current production date. Daily production report contains different forms of contents on one page in easy to read format.
    • Important notes of script should be written on the daily production report after consulting script supervisor. This portion contains details of scenes and pages that are completed during the day. Do not forget to write those scenes and pages that have to be completed in the next day. Write about official lunch time to have a perfect schedule to follow.
  • Daily production report should contain camera details from camera loader. It should contain production requirements related to camera to have complete film stock. You should check inventory on regular basis to know what you has left on hand and what is required to purchase.
  • Sound report is also important for daily production report and the form should contain details of sound tape.
  • The form should indicate production status, in and out times, lunch times, time waste penalties, pickup and drop-off times and details of principal cast.
  • It is important to consult personal assistant of director and production manager to have complete details on the daily production report. The form should contain name of background actors, their pay rates, their incoming and outgoing schedules, meal times and penalties for late arrivals.

Back Panel of Daily Production Report

Back side of the daily production report should contain name of whole crew and production office other than department. Do not forget to write the details of meal times, in and out times and penalties as well as bonuses. The back should contain details of meal sponsored by production house, rented equipment and random information about accidents, thefts and fires.

Who will Write the Report?

Daily production report is usually written by script supervisor, PA of director, or DGA trainee. It is designed to provide complete crew information, equipment details, camera details, assistant props, makeup artist etc. It can be difficult to collect complete information because the writer has to meet different persons in order to collect comprehensive details.


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