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Free Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

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The customer satisfaction survey is given to customers by business organizations to measure the happiness or satisfaction level of the customers with the company. This survey typically includes different questions about the products, services, and sales representatives of the organization. Different types of satisfaction surveys are designed for the evaluation of employees, products, customers, jobs, and healthcare services. The basic element of a satisfaction survey is its products according to the purpose of the satisfaction survey. Key items, lengths, and questions of the surveys may vary according to the nature and requirements of the survey. If you are interested in designing a satisfaction survey then it is necessary to include all vital contents in it to get accurate results.

Key Items of Satisfaction Survey

Only a comprehensive and well-designed survey will help you to increase the accuracy of results and for your guidance following are some key items that should be included in a satisfaction survey:

Ask About the Functions of Products

A satisfaction survey will help you to get information about the variety of problems that customers are facing or the reasons for low sales. For instance, it will help you to learn about customer dissatisfaction with particular products. For this purpose, you have to include different functions of the products in the satisfaction survey to know the displeasing factors of the customers with the product. It will help you to meet with expectations of customers.

Be Careful About Time Frame

Time frame is an important factor for satisfaction surveys and this can be varied according to the type of business. For instance, if you have a car dealership then it is necessary to do a survey right away to get current views from the fresh memories of the customer. In this case, you can give a survey form to the customer in the waiting area or ask him/her to mail it back to you after filling it. Usually, these types of surveys will help you to gauge customer satisfaction and you will get a high-level reward for your best services.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Template MS Word

Here is a preview of a good quality sample satisfaction survey template created to help anyone creating such a survey quickly,

Customer Satisfaction Survey Template.

Here is the download link for this Satisfaction Survey Template,

Survey Questions

  • You have to decide which kind of information you are interested in collecting from the survey. You may want to get satisfaction with funding, pricing, benefits, permanence, reliability, and functions.
  • Determine your goals and then create a list of questions based on your goals. You can also multiple choice questions and ask the customers if they are “Satisfied, Very Satisfied, Dissatisfied, Very Dissatisfied”.
  • You can ask customers to rate your services on a scale of 1 to 10. It will show the worst services and the 10 will represent perfection. It will be a good choice to adopt a funnel approach like starting the survey with broad or general questions and then moving toward specific questions of your survey.
  • Do not write too lengthy questions because it can irritate readers. It will be good to keep questions brief and focused to maintain the interests of customers. Do not ask open-ended questions because people do not like to answer them. You can provide multiple choices to the customers for convenience.

Printable Satisfaction Survey Template FAQs

On average, it takes approximately a few minutes to complete the survey. We have designed it to be concise and straightforward, ensuring that your valuable time is respected.

The result will keenly assess and identify those areas that are highlighted by the customers and need to make improvements

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