Course Syllabus Template

Classroom syllabus serves as organized guide for both teachers and students because it provides them with helpful suggestions to plan their teaching method. It helps a teacher to plan how to introduce a specific subject to students and how to cover different topics of a particular subject. Usually class teachers or management of the school designs classroom syllabus for a particular subject for the guidance of new teachers. Classroom syllabus contains recommendations about important topics of the specific subject. It will help you to know about special curriculum of the syllabus. Classroom syllabus can be varied according to different subjects but the procedure of syllabus designing remains same. Here is preview of this Course Syllabus Template,

Course Syllabus Template

Tips to Prepare Classroom Syllabus

You have to include different details according to the requirements of syllabus and class for which you are designing a particular syllabus. In order to make your work easy, I am going to share some tips to prepare classroom syllabus for any subject:

  • Analyze subject for which you want to design syllabus and highlight all important topics according to the requirements of specific class. Write title of the syllabus in the middle of the page and write name of school district in the lower right hand corner.
  • On the next page, write the name of supervisor and then write table of content on the second page of your syllabus. Write name of author(s) who prepared this syllabus.
  • Write course description and objectives of your syllabus according to subject. These details can vary according to the different topics of individual syllabus. Designate specific goals for each content of course and design course considering the skills of students and include all essential topics that help students in professional career.
  • Determine objective and importance of subject to determine either any theoretical and practical work is required. In order to achieve the goals of your subject you have to plan some workshops and classes.
  • Set specific dates for each course you are teaching and try to be as specific as you can while determining the dates of assignments and workshops. Do not forget to mark holiday and off days to avoid any cancellation.
  • Clearly explain what you want to cover in each class and write time period required to cover whole syllabus. Divide your course in a way to cover main topic on first preference. Design your classroom syllabus systematically such as from basic concepts to complicated topics.
  • Decided number of assignments with their due dates during whole academic year based on important topics of the syllabus. Set attendance policy and write your expectations about the syllabus.
  • Prepare classroom worksheet and distribute it to teachers so that they can write details of topics covered and overall response from the class. Recommend different text books for the teachers from where they can get additional information.

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