Cash slips or cash receipts are used in case of business deals or while making a sale. A cash slip or receipt is a simple piece of the paper presenting the evidence of any exchange generally made at the time when the deal is completed. It can be handwritten or computer printed.

While paying cash, some persons don’t feel safe if only a spoken acceptance is given. They need some solid proof to make themself comfortable. To satisfy these kinds of people, you have to give them a receipt that shows the transaction is completed and they have paid the money. At such times, a cash slip gives you the ability to write the amount you have received along with the date. This will prevent you from having a dispute in the future and it also helps you to keep a record of all the business transactions.

No matter if it’s big or small; every company in the world is using cash slips to make any business deal. Whether the cash is incoming or outgoing, making a cash slip is a must. On one hand, it saves the company from a lot of trouble and on the other hand, it helps to gain the client’s trust. People like to work with a company that satisfies them.

Here is a preview of this Cash Request Slip Template created using MS Word,

Cash Slip Template

A cash slip is a piece of paper on which the following details are written:

  • Company name along with the logo
  • Address and phone number of the company
  • Serial number or receipt number
  • Date and time the transaction made
  • Name of the client and his address
  • Client’s account number
  • The purpose of the transaction
  • Gross amount
  • Signature area for both parties

Basically, there are three types of cash slips:

  1. Cash receipt slip
  • Cash receipt slip
  • Bank receipt slip
  1. Paid cash slip
  • Cash payment slip
  • Bank payment slip
  1. Journal cash slip
    it is used to keep the record of those transactions that don’t involve direct cash or bank.

Many high-level companies have made it must to issue a cash slip. They are using computer-generated software to print an automated receipt instead of a handmade one. A computer-generated cash slip is better in the following ways:

  1. Slip number is given by the software so there is no chance of a mistake
  2. There is no need for the company to keep a copy of the slip because all the transactions are automatically saved on the computer.
  3. The transaction will not be completed without a cash slip so it prevents any type of fraud.
  4. Making these types of slips doesn’t require putting the client’s information every time they make a deal because it’s already saved in the memory.
  5. There is no need to show every slip to the manager.

Generally, a cash slip assists two purposes. 1st, the cash slip serves as a record for the company. It helps the company employees to generate sales figures on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Secondly, the slip provides a guarantee to the client that the transactions have been made and he can use that receipt in the case of any future confusion.

Here is the download link for this Cash Slip Template,



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