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In this post, we have a comprehensive Business Indebtedness Template that can help anyone organize their business loans and debits to make way for new loans from banks. Often this document is required to be submitted along with the application while applying for a business loan in a credited financial institute. This document can also be used to present the company’s credit history in line with the upcoming applications for new loans and or financial assistance from banks or financial institutes.  Running a business successfully is not an easy task because lots of crucial activities are required to carry on. Usually, businesses require lots of finances and they borrow money from different financial industries it is necessary to have a proper record of business debts to maintain your business expenses. You have to prepare proper records to maintain your debts properly because a business debt can be a huge problem for your business. It can be problematic for you to pay back the debt amount and in this case, you can talk to a lender to cancel some portion of the debt. It will help you to carry on your business operations accurately. To manage all issues related to business debt a document is used that is known as a business indebtedness document. This document is designed to organize all business debts in a format in favor of your business according to the line of credit.

Free Printable Business Indebtedness Template

Here is the preview of this Business Indebtedness Template:

MS-Word Business Indebtedness Template

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Important Parts of Business Indebtedness Document

The business indebted document is often used as a part of a business plan or business loan application. This type of document is necessary to deal with different business activities and it will be good to consider this while making a financial decision. Following are some important parts of the business indebtedness document:

  • The document starts with a title such as “Business Indebtedness” followed by name and contact addresses as well as the logo of the company.
  • The document is designed in tabular form with different rows and columns to state all important details related to business debt.
  • You can divide your document into different rows and columns such as “name of the debtor, original amount, original date, present balance, rate of interest, maturity date, monthly payment, collateral, current or past due, etc.”
  • This will help you to keep proper track of your business debts and pay them on time without putting a burden on your business finances. Through this document, you can plan easy installments for the payment of loans within the required period.
  • It is necessary to maintain an indebtedness document because it helps you to decide about investment in current projects. It should be considered while designing your cash flow statements and income statements to get a true picture of your income and expenses.
  • In the presence of a business indebtedness document, you can negotiate with your clients, financier, or legal attorney in a better way with written proof. It makes it easy for you to settle your all loans at the right time without any hurdles.

Business indebtedness document is often designed in Microsoft Excel/Word because it is a user-friendly software program and you can apply changes according to your needs.

Business Indebtedness FAQs

It may strike a company’s financial resources and make it difficult to meet targeted debt obligations. For example, if they fail to make timely debt payments, the company will face penalties, such as damaging credit ratings or bankruptcy. Moreover, high-interest rate terms can increase the cost of borrowing and impact profitability.

Yes, the interest payments on business debt can be tax-deductible. Because it helps to reduce the overall tax liability of the company.

It directly impacts the company’s financial health. A high-level debt may increase a company’s financial risk, reduce liquidity, and limit access to additional financing.

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