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MS Excel Business Closing Analysis Sheet Template

Business Closing Cost Analysis Sheet

It is not easy to close a business because lots of costs are involved in it and poor planning or preparations can land you in deep trouble. Closing costs include different funds that are designated to settle different down payments. Closing costs can be varied from state to state but some costs are associated with financing and mortgage loans. Some closing charges are connected to the buying and selling transactions. Some people take closing costs as a mystery but it is necessary to know the business closing costs while buying and selling properties. It will help you to avoid any potential problems or misunderstandings. Every cost should be considered to close your business properly. For your convenience, I am going to share with you a comprehensive Business Closing Analysis Sheet Template that can assist you in this process.

Free Business Closing Analysis Sheet Template

Here’s the preview of our exclusive business closing cost analysis worksheet template.


Business Closing Cost Analysis Sheet

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Working Process of Closing Cost Analysis

Closing costs are usually paid at the time of loan settlements or the end of each transaction. Closing costs can be varied from place to place but cash dealings engross fewer costs as compared to financing transactions and mortgage loans. Some charges are directly associated with the buyer and seller but everything is negotiable so it can be controlled as per your desires. In the market, the selling process of properties is really slow, and to trigger this process some buyers or sellers agree to pay some additional costs. These types of costs should also be included in the business closing costs according to the nature of your business. Some costs are taken into account by the seller such as the total commission of the real estate agent is the clear responsibility of the seller only.

The commission of a real estate agent is deducted from the proceeds of sales and the closing agent usually checks the listing and selling of real estate companies according to the rules and regulations. The sellers usually pay for personal real estate attorney and in case of unpaid annual property taxes, the seller credits the buyer for the number of days for which the seller owned the home that year. This credit diminishes the total money the buyer needs at the time of closing. Buyers are usually liable to arrange money for mortgage fees, applications, origination points, discount points, mortgage indemnity, credit reports, and mortgage broker fees. The lender doesn’t need to charge all fees because it depends on their work procedures and state laws.

What is the Origination Point?

The origination point is used to compensate the lender or mortgage broker for their worker and the discount point helps you to lower the interest rate. Each point costs 1 percent of the loan amount so it will be better to talk to your loan dealer to know about any additional fee or cost. This factor is really important as it can increase the loan amount but decrease the amount of money that is necessary to bring to the closing table. Sometimes people get insurance to get protection against unrevealed liens, bogus documents, and undiscovered inheritors. Two different policies are usually used to back your loss. One policy is important for lenders and the other policy is an option but highly recommended to take as it is for homeowners.

Closing Analysis Sheet Template FAQs

Yes, this sheet provides a detailed overview of the financial impact associated with closing a business. It helps people to make a good decision to evaluate the feasibility and implications of the closure.

Yes, there are many online websites available that provide ready-made worksheets to create a professional and detailed business closing cost analysis. You can also download an exclusive sample from our website for free.

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