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In 2020, we are seeing a different type of world. In a world where it’s prohibited to touch other people and to stay healthy, you are advised to stay away from other people and avoid human contact but this is the reality of this year as we are seeing the spread of coronavirus or COVID-19 across the globe. At first, when reports started emerging from China that a new type of contagious virus is on the rise, no one took it seriously but soon after seeing sick people in various parts of the world, countries finally took it seriously and everything was shut down including schools, colleges, and universities.

Teachers had the option to just let the students waste time during these lockdown days but they thought of giving online lectures. This way when the students return to their classes, they won’t feel left out or forget their subjects. One of the common hurdles of giving online lectures is taking attendance of the students. Here traditional methods of taking attendance are not applicable as you will not be in the same room with the students. Instead, you need to come up with a unique method of taking attendance i.e. asking students to fill the online form of attendance or asking them to join a video conference to show their presence. Furthermore, you can also motivate students by introducing attendance awards and emailing them for improving their attendance online.

Guidelines for using Attendance Sheets Online:

Taking Attendance Manually:

You can remember when you used to go to school and took attendance of students manually because you can apply the same technique here. There is no need for a special or particular attendance sheet but you can use the regular one where you write the names of present students with a pen. There is one thing to point out during online classes, it will take you some extra time to take attendance of all students one by one and this is the time you should be spending for preparing or delivering the lecture. There is a rough estimate that it will take you around 15-20 minutes to take attendance if you have 50 students.

Only Enlisting Absent Students:

This here is a more advanced and time-saving idea for taking attendance of students online during a lockdown situation. The basic work is the same you will use an attendance sheet and a pen to write the names and attendance of each student but instead of checking each student one by one, you will only find the absent students and this way you can just write their names on the attendance sheet. This means only the names of the absent students will be mentioned on the sheet in the absent column and later when the class is over, you can complete the attendance of the present students just by eliminating the absent students.

Self-Reporting Attendance Sheet:

If saving time is more important to you, you should consider using online forms that the students can fill out themselves. The benefit of this process is that you don’t have to take attendance of each student yourself which means you can save time and deliver a more brief lecture and the students can just put their attendance in the sheet which will take notes more than 1 minute for each of them. This also means that during the lecture, you don’t need to stop to take the attendance but the students who join the lecture after it’s started, can still submit their attendance without disturbing you or the class.

Free Attendance Sheet Templates

Here is our collection of Free Attendance Sheet Templates for you to download.

Attendance Sheet Template 01

Here is the download link for this Attendance Sheet Template 01,

Attendance Sheet Template 02

The download link for this Attendance Sheet Template 02 is here,

Attendance Sheet Template 03

Here is the download link for this Attendance Sheet Template 03 in MS Word Format,

Attendance Sheet Template 04

The download link for this Attendance Sheet Template 04 is below,

Attendance Sheet Template 05

Here is the download link for this Attendance Sheet Template 05 in MS Word Format,

Attendance Sheet Template 06

The download link for this Attendance Sheet Template 06 is here,

Attendance Sheet Template 07

Here is the download link for this Attendance Sheet Template 07 in MS Word Format,

Attendance Sheet Template 08

The download link for this Attendance Sheet Template 08 is here,

Attendance Sheet Template 09

Here is the download link for this Attendance Sheet Template 09 in MS Word Format,

Attendance Sheet Template 10

The download link for this Attendance Sheet Template 10 is here,

Free Attendance Sheet Templates FAQs

Using an attendance sheet template offers several benefits. It helps you maintain an organized record of attendance, making it easier to track attendance patterns and identify trends. It also saves time by providing a pre-formatted document that you can use repeatedly, rather than creating a new attendance sheet from scratch each time.

To use an attendance sheet template, you can either print it out and manually write in the attendance information or use a digital version where you can input the data directly. Fill in the relevant details such as names, dates, and attendance status (e.g., present, absent, late) based on your requirements. Update the sheet regularly to keep an accurate record.

Attendance sheet templates are widely available online. You can find them on websites offering free templates, productivity software platforms, or even by conducting a simple internet search. Many office software suites, like Microsoft Office or Google Workspace, also provide built-in attendance sheet templates that you can customize to suit your needs.

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