Most of the schools worldwide, including Pakistan, gives away attendance awards to their students to encourage their presence in schools. In the United States of America, students those who neither miss any day nor been late to class, are honored with attendance award. And, this has become a tradition in the most of the countries. Experts across the world, are of the views that such awards promote students’ ability to work hard. And these awards create a sense of responsibility and duty.

On the contrary, there are views against the distribution of the attendance awards among the students as well. Some believe that offering attendance awards hurt public health by causing students to be present in class when sick with a potentially contagious illness. Also, there is a strong believe of the experts that it is not fair punishing those who stay at home to recover their ailment. These days, the students are being given attendance awards by their teachers for everything.

Here is preview of Attendance Award Template,

Attendance Award Template

Let’s discuss a few reasons for awarding attendance awards to students, and its importance too. Primarily, it gives the importance of seeing of something through. Reaching school on time on a daily basis is a skill that simply renders to the workforce and beyond. It can be difficult to appreciate a fifteen-year-old teaching, even though it is important not to miss lessons or lectures. If you are working on a group project, your stay at home will not affect your study or findings but the whole group. It is needless to say that the absence of one student will have a bad impact on the whole study group, either in the case of planning stages of the project or making a group presentation. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that students ensure their presence in schools, especially when others rely on them. It is usual that on such particular cases students remain absent from the school while giving no proper reason for that. Only teaching responsibility and dependability will affect students at a young age for their whole lives. I think both teachers and parents ought to involve in this case and them the importance of time and presence on the occasion of any particular happening. Tell them how this is valuable to their present life and in the future as well.

What goes more; students have followed their teachers, have taken actions on them and those around them, are satisfied with what have achieved so far, why it is important to reward them attendance award. Do they deserve for it or it’s the requirement. Regrettably, sometime these awards are not enough to encourage their attendance or presence in the class, they need more than that. I mean they might be incentives!

Overall, just giving the student attendance awards not enough to assure their presence in the class but giving them a few dollars on the part of the school board will strive towards them all year long. If you intend to honor your next time, then come up with more, for that students may proud and confident.

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