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Download these printable Free APA Format Templates in MS Word Format to make your own APA Format Template easily.

APA format is a pattern or template of writing while documenting official papers or research. In simple words

“An APA style is a layout or a format for writing academic documents and papers such as

Journals articles by scholars and other research books’’

The APA format was introduced and used by the American Psychological Association in the style guide known as the “Publication Manual of American Psychological Association”. The most common use of the APA format is in the fields of social sciences, psychology, sociology, anthropology education, and behaviors. This guidebook was introduced to help the understanding and apprehension of readings in the social and behavioral sciences.  For the better apprehension of the communication of meanings and words in these types of academic papers reducing the biases of language. The APA format templates for academic papers are largely used as it is or with little modifications by many journals (including medicine and public journals of health), textbooks, and academic papers (classwork and university)

APA started involving in the publishing of journals in 1923 and consequently released various versions of APA Templates for academic papers. Initially, it was famous for the simple style of reference citations. The APA templates for academic research papers developed an example and standard of language that became widespread. The APA format templates of academic papers have two editions 6th and 7th published. The 7th edition of APA format templates for academic papers is the current volume being used which was published in 2019. These templates aim to assist people in becoming fine authors.

These APA formats provide better communication by assisting with simplicity accuracy and uniqueness. The APA format has new options and upgrades for the students such as title page paper format and references related to students such as course material and website resources. These templates provide an unbiased language format to depict the modern practices of communication. The APA format template for academic research papers can be used by directly downloading it from various online resources and updating it according to personal preferences. However, for the preparation of research papers, you can make a schedule of your activities with a pre-designed weekly calendar to meet your goals efficiently.

APA Format Guidelines

Any standard APA format template for a research paper has the following guidelines in common

  • The use of 12 font size
  • The font style is set to Times New Roman
  • The margins at 1 inch
  • Double line spacing
  • A header space on every page
  • Paragraph spacing to be ½ inch

The Main Sections Of APA Format Template For Academic Papers:

Basically, in most of the APA format layout, there are going to be four main sections: the main title page; the abstract; the reference list, and the main section.

  • The Title Page: This page of the APA format contains the topic or title; the author’s name and the affiliation of the school. The title page includes six components such as course code and titles; instructors name; author’s names; institutional affiliations, and the date of submission of the research papers. The objective of the title page is to help the reader know your details and the basic details of the research paper
  • Abstract: Followed by the abstract is a short and brief summary of the research paper or academic document that instantly portrays the major aspects of the paper. In an APA format template cannot be more than 100 to 200 words depending upon the definite publication or the trainer’s demand.
  • Main Body: For an essay, the main body includes the actual essay itself. In the case of lab reports the main body can be separated into further sections. The main body has to be detailed and clear.
  • Reference: References are another main component of any research or academic study

This section of the paper enlists the sources of information and authors that are cited in the paper. If we quoted any piece of information in any part of the study, these citations have to be properly referred to in this part of the APA format.

Handling In-Text Citations:

While writing the paper it is very important to include the citations in the text so that the source of information can be identified. Such quotations are called in-text citations. According to APA format, the citations should use the date of publication following the name of the author. The description and extended information would be depicted in the reference section.

Some Tips for the Reference Pages

  • Try to start a new page for reference and title it “Reference”.
  • Make sure the title is centralized.
  • All the entries should be in alphabetical order.
  • There should be double spacing in the reference section and the entire section is carefully spaced.
  • The titles of books, journals, and magazines should be written in italics.

Free APA Format Templates

Here is our collection of Free APA Format Templates for you to download.

apa template 01

Here is the download link for this APA Format Template 01,


apa template 02

The download link for this APA Format Template 02 is here,


apa template 03

Here is the download link for this APA Format Template 03 in MS Word Format,


apa template 04

The download link for this APA Format Template 04 is below,


apa template 05

Here is the download link for this APA Format Template 05 in MS Word Format,


apa template 06

The download link for this APA Format Template 06 is here,


apa template 07

Here is the download link for this APA Format Template 07 in MS Word Format,


apa template 08

The download link for this APA Format Template 08 is here,


apa template 09

Here is the download link for this APA Format Template 09 in MS Word Format,


apa template 10

The download link for this APA Format Template 10 is here,


APA Format Templates FAQs

Finding an APA format template hasn’t been difficult anymore. There are so many resources available on the internet that provide their own APA format templates for the students. Such as MS Word processing software and numerous Universities’ websites. One can easily download these formats and make customization for different types of document creation.

Using an APA format template is relatively straightforward. After downloading the desired layout you can easily open the template in MS Word, or Google Docs. The template will typically have pre-formatted sections with placeholder text or instructions. You can supersede the placeholder text with your content, such as the title of your paper, the abstract, your main body paragraphs, and the references.

Yes, there are different APA format templates available for different types of papers. Further, it depends on the specific requirements of your paper, there may be templates created for research papers, literature reviews, case studies, experimental reports, and more. However, for writing a paper make sure you select the one that incorporates the proper structure and has all the formatting in place.

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