Printable Invoice Form

When it comes to creating invoices instantly there are people who commit mistakes or enter partial details. Such mistakes not only delay the payment process but also can lead to disputes. Invoices can be created for both active and non-active customers. Therefore people are recommended to enter the following mentioned information to avoid any mishap.

Add your contact information: Contact Information includes company name, address, phone number, email address, and even your website. This should be followed consistently. While adding contact information it should be remembered that it is not an advertising document. It should convey the name of your business and the payment that it should be addressed to i.e. keep it straight forward.

Creating an invoice number tracking system helps: It is important for one to mention their invoice number as a reference. Also helps in case of an argument between the parties or in the invoice tracking and management.

Here is a useful Printable Invoice Form that can help anyone to get started quickly,

Printable Invoice Form

Here is download link of this Printable Invoice Form,

Download Printable Invoice Form

Add receiver’s details: It is important for one to mention the receivers address. Also add your invoice number and tracking system for your own records.

Clearly mention the particulars: The standard particular like product/service, unit cost, quantity, price, discount and tax should be mentioned in the invoice. These are the standard fields. As a result the consumer gets back to you with dim witted queries.

Add a short description: It can be imperative to add a brief description of the product/service. The description can be left to the sender’s tact. It is advised to add a short description as the consumer will know what type of product he has brought and the services that have been rendered to him.

Include the terms of service: This basically includes the due date of the invoice and other penalties to be charged.

Send invoice as an attachment: It is suggested to send your invoice if you are using internet as a medium. This makes sure if the consumer has a proper look at the invoice and clarifies issue of any.

Enter your activities in your invoice tracking system: As soon as you send the invoice make sure you record the invoice number, date sent, invoice amount, and other necessary details you wish to enter. When your invoice has been paid; do record the date you received the payment.

Tracking down late payments: When you email an editor asking him about the late payment include your invoice number, amount and the date when invoice was sent.

Type of Paper: If you are mailing a business invoice use of distinctive colored or textured paper, so it is easy to find your businesses invoice amongst a pile of bills to be paid

Payment Details: Make it easy for the companies to pay you. Offer them the alternatives and all the payment details they will need. If they were to make a payment via the cheque or postal address the account name, number and address details that they require should be clearly defined.

Invoicing errors keep cropping up so I’d encourage you to print out a copy of your business invoice and discover whether you’re guilty of delaying your own cash flow!

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