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Memorandum is defined as a form of communication designed to share information. A boss usually writes out an official notice to employees informing them of new policies. Memorandums are often abbreviated as memos. Memos are just a short form of a letter. There may be a heading written in bold or italics for emphasis. It may request permission to do something for an upper level executive. Memos generally contain sections like to, from, date, subject and text of memo. The basic function of Memos is to solve a specific problem by making the reader aware of it. Memos can be written to persuade others or give specific feedback on a particular matter. Memos can be very effective in connecting the concern or issue of the writer with the best interests of the reader.

Here is preview of a a professionally designed Memorandum Template using MS Word so that anyone can easily use it to create his/her own Memorandums,

Memorandum Template

Here is download link for this Memorandum Template,

Download Memorandum Template

Memo Style: Memos is a written reminder that conveys basic information. Standard tips for writing a memorandum include stylistic elements like larger font, bolded and either centered or placed in the top left hand corner. They may vary in the company you work into. The word memorandum should have stylistic elements as mentioned above and directly after it the recipient the whole “to, from, re” and as well as the date should be mentioned. Under that you will begin your memorandum.

Getting Ready to Write:  Before writing a memo assemble all the necessary information you wish to put in your memo. State the purpose of the memo and identify the purpose in three parts: the context of the problem, the particular assignment, and the purpose of the memo .Open with the introductory information the first paragraph should include background of the problem & purpose of the memo. Once you state the purpose you can move forward to the next sector.

In the next sector you will describe of what issues have evolve and what measures you have taken to remedy it.  Include as much basic information as possible. Explain the sources you have used to solve the problems. Don’t put in extra information in the memo because the whole purpose of the memo is to make the recipient aware of the issue. Include only as much information as is needed, while still being convincing that a real problem exists.

The last paragraph includes the closing segment where the reader is requested to solve the problem. Some people draw conclusions at the end to summarize the content.

Important points to remember while writing a memo:

1. Write the correct name of the reader. Job title can also be included so as to give a formal appearance.

2. Subject should be specific and brief. Avoid using long complex sentences that carry to much information.

3.  Memos do not contain salutation or complimentary closing.

4. Check stylist requirements with your job.

5. The body of the letter should be comprehensible and succinct.

6. Use bullets and headings to convey your message.

Always proofread your memo to avoid any error. Use business writing software programs to eliminate any error. Some software programs improve your text with adjectives and adverbs, which enhances the simple sentence into more qualified and refined one.

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