Student Birthday List Template

Kids love birthday parties therefore parents often organized surprised birthday parties based on different interesting themes for their kids. Birthday is the time that gives several sweet memories to your kids. It is necessary to plan something special for your kids to amuse them. Children love to share their birthday happiness with their friends and teachers therefore it is the responsibility of school management to direct teachers to collect a proper record of birthday date of their students. It will be a great surprise for a child to have classroom celebrations on birthday where his/her friends and teachers share their hopes and wishes for the year. It will be source of great fun and motivate students toward studies with a great feel of happiness and enthusiasm. Here is Student Birthday List template,

Student Birthday List Template

Tips to Design Student Birthday List

There is no complication in the preparation of student birthday list so you can do it simply without any hurdle. If you are worried about what to include in birthday list then I am going to share some tips to design birthday list of students:

  • If you want to design a comprehensive list of your all students of your class then you must have complete details of their birthday. You can access these basic details from the record of your institution because basically each student submits these kinds of details at the time of first registration.
  • Prepare a tabular schedule with different rows and columns to add name of students and other details in front of names. Write name of institution at the top of the list and then write name of your list and duration such as you can write, “Birthdays During November 2012”.
  • Write date on which you are preparing this list and allocate specific name to each column. You can write day, student name, birth date, age, sex, grade, counselor etc. on the top row of the birthday list.
  • Fill each detail according to its requirements such as under the student name write name of all students and write their birth dates under birth date column. You can group name of those students who were born on same date because it will help you to find out birthdays on weekly or daily basis.
  • If you really want to save your time then planned everything on the first day of list preparation. Write details of cards, gifts or wishes you want to give to each student. It will take sometime but it will save your time in near future.
  • Write addresses and contact numbers of each student so that you can still send your birthday wishes in case of absence of student on his/her birthday. You can organize a small party on class level according to your budget and set the student free for sometime to enjoy with friends.

Here is download link for this Student Birthday List template,

Download Student Birthday List Template

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