Set of classroom rules and procedures are vital for the effective classroom management. It is responsibility of teacher to establish some specific rules and regulations for students in the beginning so that students can clearly understand about the expectations of teachers. Display of classroom rules help your students to maintain expected behavior during class. Rules clearly describe the behavioral expectations of teachers from students and after reading these rules and regulations students can successfully develop a respectful behavior. Classroom rules can be meaningful if the students take proper part in the formation of classroom rules under the proper guidance of teacher. It is the responsibility of teachers to clearly explain all classroom rules to students so that they can follow them strictly. Here is a template for Classroom Rules for academic activities,

Classroom Rules Template

Importance of Classroom Rules

Usually teacher devices important classroom rules at the beginning of school years and displayed them at the back of classroom. It is wrong place for the display of classroom rules because these rules can be excellent tools to management your class. These rules should be displayed effectively on a large poster board in front of classroom so that students remain aware about them. It is necessary to write all classroom rules in clear and readable manner with the help of dark color markers so that everyone can read them. With proper display of classroom rules, you can enjoy following benefits:

  • By displaying classroom rules on proper place, you can reinforce students to follow these rules. Some rules are related to the safety of children in the classroom and by writing these rules on display board you can alert students about current happenings.
  • Classroom rules create discipline and self-control qualities in students therefore it is important to display them at right place for the whole year. These rules can eliminate stress level by informing students what is the expectations of teacher from them.
  • In the present of well formatted classroom rules, you class can be a more pleasant place and students can perform well in all learning as well as co-curricular activities.
  • Classroom rules help teachers to develop consistent, fair and friendly environment for students that is really necessary for the proper mental and physical growth of a student.
  • It will help students to behave as per the expectations on teacher during and after class. They always remain careful and alert as they know about the expected punishments in case of any disobedience.
  • Classroom rules develop positive and friendly behavior in the class because every student tries to be a role model for his/her teachers in the class. Classroom rules should be displayed for the whole academic year to serve as constant reminder for students.

I hope above mentioned points will help you to understand the importance of properly displaying classroom rules in school.

Here is download link,

Download link for Classroom Rules Template

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