Here are 14 Free Weekly Schedule Templates that can help any manager to effectively manage and track work schedules and task assignment on weekly basis. One of this excel template list 6 days of week on columns and the first column to fill-in the employee or staff names. This Schedule Template comes with a cover letter to explain how to use this sheet and other related details. This is an ideal for a labor oriented environment where production is taken at tight schedules hence it becomes critical to keep track of daily progress aggressively. This Weekly Work Schedule template allows to record number of hours spent by each and every employee on a given project or task. Hence to compute wages and/or bonuses accurately.

Inside an office, there is a different world that only runs with the fuel of work and energy of manpower. As a supervisor and the manager of the office, it’s your prime responsibility to make sure that every project is going to complete on time and the staff is also satisfied with their jobs and duties. But what will happen if you walk in the office one day and find out that a couple of employees won’t be able to make it today and you have to find an alternative or delay the project. This won’t be a big problem if you are use to prepare work schedules. A work schedule is like an organizer that helps you to manage the work inside the office. Managers use number of methods and tools as a scheduler, some are digital where others are manual. You can use either one of them but it’s advised that you prepare your own scheduler as per your needs, requirements and office situations.

Free Weekly Schedule Templates

Here is preview of first Weekly Work Schedule Template,


Here is download link for this Weekly Schedule Template – Colorful Edition.


Here comes another Schedule Template that can assist you in your day to day tasks management for a week.


Download this Template by clicking on the button bellow.


Checkout following Weekly Work Schedule Template that can be useful for your weekly task management.


Again download it from the link bellow.



Here is download link for this Weekly Schedule in MS Word format.


Yet another useful Weekly Schedule Template in MS Excel format.


Download link is bellow.





Here is another useful Weekly Calendar which is ideal for managing your weekly tasks effectively. It allows you to mark a task in seven days either its a one time task or reoccurring. Each column also has a Notes section to allow you to input more details related one particular task.


Please click on the button bellow to start downloading this Weekly Schedule Template.


If you prefer a simple schedule than very complicated and bounded to input only specific information then following Work Schedule Template is an ideal for you. It in prepared in MS Word and gives you flexibility as what kind of information you want to input for each day.



Following is a Weekly Assignment Schedule Template for your class. It is equally useful both for a teacher and student to keep track of their weekly assignments effectively.


Click on the button bellow to start downloading this Schedule Template.


A Weekly Calendar helps you to organize your tasks in a timely manner. Each day is divided into half an hour intervals to allow you to place your tasks as per their exact time to do. Its planned form 7AM to 7PM but you can easily change it to as per your own work routine.




Another useful Weekly Calendar that will allow you to arrange your weekly tasks quickly and effectively. Moreover, you can use different colors to represent different kind of priorities for the tasks or days.


Here is download link for this Weekly Calendar Template.




This Weekly Schedule Template allows you to input more details (kind a description) for the each task you want to plan for your upcoming week.


Here is download link for this Weekly Schedule Template.


There are number of advantages of making weekly schedule but the most important one is that you manage to complete all your tasks within the deadline limits. This schedule provides you a brief overview of how much progress have you made and if you will be able to achieve the goals or not. Also when you are the manager of a department, means there are a lot of employees working below you and you have to keep all of them happy and satisfied. When you make this schedule, you can easily manage the work if an employee takes a sick leave. This way you can give them enough margins to relax and spend time with their families at home. Probably the best thing about this scheduler is that you can make a routine for the employees to enjoy a leave from work and have fun at home.

Guidelines to prepare a Weekly Schedule:

  • First of all, you need to mention where you want to reach at the end of the week. This will describe what goal you want to achieve.
  • Then provide a date when you want to deliver the weekly project. It’s a deadline which will tell you how many days are remaining in order to complete the tasks.
  • Then divide the whole schedule or project into smaller tasks. This way you can assign each task to individual employees and it’s easier to supervise this way. Also you can examine the performance of your team much quicker this way.
  • Then arrange the tasks in the order you want to perform and complete them. This way you can prior those tasks that need to be done before others or will take more time so you need to start them earlier than others.
  • If a task can be divided into further smaller tasks, do it and then analyze which smaller task needs to start before others.
  • Assign an employee name to each task that will work as an in charge of his task and has to deliver the project before the end date.

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