Job/Task Estimate Template (MS Excel)

Job Estimates are always prepared to get a good insight of how costly the job would be and how much time it is going to take. This Job Estimate Template is shared to help managers and/or supervisors to quickly do the calculations and give estimate for a given tasks or project. This template is created using MS Excel to help technical staff to use their familiar tool to make up this estimation document. This Excel Template allows its users to effectively estimates cost, work efforts and human resources for the given task. Hence this is a great template to give a perfect picture to anyone looking for such estimate or going to take decision on the basis of this job estimate. Just download it from the link below and get started using it right away.

Here is preview of this Job Estimate Template,

Job Estimate Template

Job estimate is important to have a bid on potential jobs therefore you should complete it. You can write job estimate with the help of any computer program or by hand. Before writing any job estimate, it is important to know the services and products that are important to complete the work. Job estimation will save your time and money therefore it will be great to write your own estimate instead of taking services of others. Create your own job estimate form for one time only and you will be able to use it for your future jobs. It is not difficult to design job estimate form, because there are some specific guidelines that will help you to design a perfect job estimate form for personal and official use:

Types of Job Estimates

  • Every type of job estimate has its own requirements such as some job estimates require on-site visit and for this purpose, you have to keep all important tools with you. A measuring tape is important to bring with you to have accurate estimate.
  • Some job estimates require dealing with number of hours required to complete a job. Sometime, you have to estimate requirements of materials and their costs according to the nature and requirement of job.
  • Material estimation should be done carefully and at right time because any shortage of material can be cause hurdles in the completion of important jobs. This type of job estimate requires visit to local stores to have accurate estimation of cost required for the material.
  • Job estimation for services will be quite different from other estimates. For instance, if you are providing services to design a business plan or tax sheets, and you are charging $1000 for 20 pages report. You are actually charging $50 per hour.

Tips to Write Your Estimate

  • Job estimate should be started formally by writing name of organization at the top of the page. Write name of company, address and phone number of the company or specific person for whom you are writing job estimate.
  • After writing details of the company, it is important to write “JOB ESTIMATE” in capital letter and bold fonts in the center of the page. Job estimate form will contain different rows and columns according to the nature of job.
  • Give heading of “Job Description” in bold letters and write brief description under it. Now, it is time to design different rows and columns to give different headings including rows, quantity, price, total, working hours, rate per hour etc.
  • Carefully fill each column according to the nature as well as requirements of items. Write all amounts in the official currency of the state in total column. It will enable you to avoid any potential confusion.
  • At the bottom of the job estimate form, it is important to include a short paragraph and signature line(s) for the involved parties. Do not forget to write special terms for the use of job estimate that may be about validation of job estimate form or payment terms.  

Here is download link,

Download Job Estimate Template

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