Inventory Control Template

Here is a useful MS Excel Template for Inventory Control. If you are the manager or in-charge of  a storage facility then you must be worry about product inventories and require a tool to keep track of incoming and outgoings of each and every item. This Inventory Control Template will help you in this very task and allows you to effective track item quantity no matter how frequently it comes and goes out. This template also helps tracking useful information related to product inventory such as PO number, quantity etc. This way you can easily back track each and every transaction if a balance issue raises. Being an Excel Spreadsheet will help the user to quickly manipulate balance as new entries are added.

Successful inventory management is important for the business organizations because right estimation of inventory will save your time and cost. Right estimation for the cost of inventory will lead you to the right direction and helps you in different matters like insurance and taxes. It is important to check your store before buying fresh inventory because inventory should be used on right time according to its expiry date. Inventory control sheet is usually prepared for successful inventory management. It is important to be careful about fine line between excessive inventory and less inventory.

Here is preview of this Inventory Control Template,

Inventory Control Template

Benefits of Inventory Control Sheets

Inventory control sheets are important to keep up in-stock position of sought items and to dispose of superfluous items. Accurate control on inventory is important to maintain to get following benefits:

    • Inventory control sheets enable manager to have visual control on the inventory to determine actual available inventory in contrast with inventory needs. Inventory control sheets make it easy to manage actual record of business items.
    • You can have tickler control on the inventory by counting small portion of inventory on regular basis. It will enable you to be updated on daily basis without any additional effort.
    • Inventory control sheet enables you to record the items after use on a sheet of paper. This proves really helpful for the record purpose.
  • You can have stub control on the use, sale and purchase of inventory. You can use stub for the proper record of all items according to their use and importance.
  • With the constant growth of business, it is important to have complete control on inventory. Designing as well as management of inventory control sheet proves simply helpful for this purpose.
  • It is really easy to design professional inventory control sheets with the help of computer system, and it is specifically easy way for small business organization to manage inventory on regular basis.
  • Inventory control sheets make it easy for you to extract important details on short basis without consulting long records. These sheets always remain available to consult at regular intervals for the review and necessary action.
  • Designing of inventory control sheet helps you to have complete control on inventory management. You can design a specific format for the designing of inventory control sheet to have a better mechanism and authorized procedure.
  • It is a better approach for material planning according to the requirements of your business. Proper planning and material schedule will help you to reduce additional expenses. It will enable you to accomplish short-term and long-term goals of the business. It will enable you to manage several deliveries of suppliers without any additional effort.
  • Properly managed inventory control sheet will help you to verify counts listed on the delivery receipts. You can divide your control sheet in different sections to list delivery details, damage products and defective items.
  • Inventory control sheet helps you to point out damaged items, and you can easily file inspection request for damage images. Written report of defective and damaged items is necessary, and this can be easy with the help of accurately managed inventory control sheets. 

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