Basic Invoice Template (MS Excel)

Here is a Basic Invoice Template created using MS Excel. Even though MS Word is usually used to create invoices but still several people like to use MS Excel for this purpose hence here is an Excel Template for invoice.  Preparing invoices is very common task in any kind of sales business and accounts or sales staff remain busy in generating invoices one after an other. In such case, if you are not well convenient in use of MS Word, then you will definitely be looking for MS Excel Template to use to create invoices much quicker and comfortably. Once downloaded from the link below, you just need to input address information along with details of the transactions before sending this for print.

The formal invoice is a document that contains the details of a transaction between buyer and seller. It is, by definition, a simple tool, but its importance in the world of business is paramount. A formal invoice, as a hard rule, accompanies any kind of sale, be it of a product or provided services. Invoices may be printed, or in soft copy; either way, they serve their purpose of keeping a written record of a performed sale.

A detailed formal invoice has many features, which have different uses. First and foremost is that each invoice should have a unique identification code. Identification codes make it easy to organise, file and track sales and invoices. They can be numeric if the company wants to record all its sales in a single serial series, or they can be alphanumeric, where the letters can identify sales categories. For example, if a shoe manufacturer has two fixed customers, Alpha and Beta, their respective invoice series could be AL0000 to AL9999 and BT0000 to BT9999.

Here is preview of this Basic Invoice Template using MS Excel,

Invoices should also contain the company’s logo, name and contact details. These are normally found at the top centre of the document, as headers. Date of Invoice should also be included, which tells the date in which the sale was performed. Most importantly, there should be a field for Product or Services Sold. This may be in the form of a table or a bullet point list. If a table is chosen, it may contain separate columns for Product/Services, Fees, and Taxes if applicable. Also, a Payment Method column comes in use when the company authorises several modes of payment. For example, the payment method could be by cheque, credit card or cash. In case of cheque payment, the cheque date should also be mentioned on the invoice, so as to avoid confusion or discrepancy at a later time. Some companies also include their account numbers on the invoice, so that the buyer would know where to send the money to. It is also important for the seller to keep a copy of the invoice for himself. For this purpose, invoice pads (to be hand written on) often contain two or three colour coded pages per invoice code, with carbon paper between them. This ensures that any details written on the first copy are copied onto the second and third copies. The practice is routinely found at retail stores and small businesses, which lack Information Technology resources.

Here is download link,

Download Basic Invoice Template using MS Excel

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