A bid proposal explains the nature of products and services with the projected price. Bid is usually the rate at which the producer is willing to sell its products. Companies usually write bid proposals to catch the customers in their sphere. Such proposals can either be directed towards individuals or large enterprises. But the targeted party should be properly researched and their needs and requirements should be taken into account. There are further two kinds of bid proposals: one is unsolicited and other is solicited. In solicited, bid proposal is a response to the offer previously made by any company or individual. So it acts as an agreement between both parties. Whereas in unsolicited bid proposal, there is no contractual relationship between both parties.  Writing a successful bid proposal might seem intimidating at first but this isn’t a really difficult task. Difficulties might originate initially but soon they will be overcome with proper planning and research.

Templates for bid proposal are available online in number of formats which can be customized and altered according to one’s requirements. Some of the tips and tricks that one should follow while writing the bid proposal are mentioned in this article. Initially in the document, one should write about the reason behind writing of this proposal. Background information is given to provide a warm up material for the reader and make his mind about the approval of this project. Introduction gives an overview of this proposal while lightly touching all aspects of the proposal. Also the qualities and skills should be mentioned by relating them with the requirements of the project. This will justify the use of company’s products at the projected price. Also if projected price is too high as compared to the rivals in market then this will convey a negative image of the writer and its products and services. Also the number, expertise and skills of the personnel required to work on the project should also be mentioned in detail. The number of employees that have been outsourced should also be mentioned in this section.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Bid Proposal Template created using MS Word,

Bid Proposal Template

To increase the chances of approval, writer should include his past bidding experiences. Such addition will not only build a good reputation in front of reader but will also persuade him to work with the writer. So proper use of vocabulary at this stage is necessary, as the approval of the project is dependent on this. Although whole document must be persuasive and appealing for the reader but at the end of the proposal emphasis should be put on action by the reader. Persuading the reader to take action in the desired direction is the task of writer. Ensuring the reader that this bidding proposal is the ideal one with minimal costs and high quality products and services can be done with the use of logical and objective arguments. At the very end, proposal should be read carefully to check any grammatical errors and typographical mistakes. These, if not pinpointed at this stage, will convey a very negative image.

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Download Bid Proposal Template 

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