Getting sponsored can be a cumbersome task if one is just stepping in a business arena. New names don’t quite often get sponsorship from big organizations, the reason being that they have no track record of good performance. But this difficult task can ease with a winning sponsorship proposal. Here we are going to share with you 10 Free Sponsorship Proposal Templates to help you draft your own proposal quickly. You can’t undermine the significance of these Proposal Templates in due course. It has the potential to either make or break the deal.

An expressive and illustrative sponsorship proposal can attract the right sponsor and its funds in an efficient way. Such relationship can go a long way if dealt with in an amicable manner. Writing of sponsorship proposal demands proper planning like any other kind of proposal. But more here because financial relationship needed so due diligence is a must. Also a sustainable relationship maintains only if you took care of the sponsor through good behavior throughout the time span of relationship.

Sponsorship Proposal Guidelines

Prior to writing a proposal, sponsorship seeker should do necessary home work. You can achieve this by doing research on the sponsor, its business, target audience, and its marketing objectives. After doing necessary research on the above mentioned subjects, one should start writing everything down on a piece of paper. This might seem intimidating at first, but this is not so actually.

You need to adopt proper methodology to come up with a coherent and logical sponsorship proposal. Ill-planned documents always fail to make an impression on the sponsor and confront failure. So better to logically divided your sponsorship proposal into seven sections. First one is sponsorship opportunity. It is a kind of overview of the sponsorship seeker’s business, what they do and how it is beneficial for the sponsor. Make this section lucrative for the sponsors as they are going to base their judgment on this. Moreover, presentation should be impressive, use bullet points to make it more understandable.

Next part of the proposal is about the marketing objectives. In this section, writer should enlist the marketing objectives that he want to achieve through this sponsorship program. As sponsors provide funds in return of something so usually they want their business to market through the channel of sponsorship seeker’s project. In this way, both parties can achieve objectives of sponsorship as well as marketing. After enlisting the marketing objectives, mention the measurement tools to measure the success of marketing program. You need to agree with your sponsor on specific tools to include in your sponsorship proposal. In case, sponsor is not in contact or difficult to engage then you can propose your own tools.

Free Sponsorship Proposal Templates

Now  comes to the most important section of sponsorship proposal that is the value to sponsor. In this section,  you shall explain the benefits that he and his business shall reap through this sponsorship. You can emphasize in a light and positive tone but better no to exaggerate. Keep benefits realistic as afterwards that can ruin the relationship if not met with success. Once all the details regarding the marketing program and benefits etc have been mentioned, the pricing scheme should be detailed on the document. The time-frame for which this sponsorship will remain active should also be given. So this was all that needs to be mentioned on sponsorship proposal document. Other adjustments can be made to suit one’s needs and business requirements.

Here is preview of these Free Printable Sponsorship Proposal Templates along with download links.

Sponsorship Proposal Template

Sponsorship Proposal Template 01

Sponsorship Proposal Template 02

Sponsorship Proposal Template 03

Sponsorship Proposal Template 04

Sponsorship Proposal Template 05

Sponsorship Proposal Template 06

Sponsorship Proposal Template 07


Sponsorship Proposal Template 08

Sponsorship Proposal Template 09

Sponsorship Proposal Template 10







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