Project Action Log Template

Here is a comprehensive Project Action Log Template that can help any Project Manager to log each and every action taken during project progress. Keep tracking of project progress is vital in order to complete it as per client expectations both by means of time as well as quality. This Project Log Template is very easy to use. It is created using MS Word and hence is very easy to edit and tailor as per required situation and for any kind of project. It requires to input Project Action details as well its start and ending dates. Moreover, a status column help you track Project Actions or Tasks not yet completed (for any given reason).

Working on a project is never an easy task, and making it a successful one is tougher; but the serious troubles come when the project is a large one as well. To keep a check on the activities performed during the project in certain specific scenarios and on the various problems encountered, project logs are used. Project logs are comprised of the data, which completely specifies the conditions or problems encountered in specific stages, the actions applied as a response to these situations and the end results, with complete data of occurring of these situations and every step encountered during the whole procedure. This process of creating action logs is very helpful during the next stages as the team proceeds to work on the project.

The project logs, created during working of a project can also be helpful if another project of the same nature is started in the future. Using a project action log can be very helpful as it already shows what actions or impacts were resulted in certain situations in the past and this can make decision making pretty easy for the team.

Here is preview of this Project Action Log Template,

Project Action Log

The following things can be of help, while using the already created project action logs. These items or features should have been recorded during making of project logs, for easy referencing in the future. Take a look at the following:

  • The date and time for the actions or plans can help sorting out the issues during projects.
  • Categories of the actions can make it simpler to sort the data depending on the category of the action or actions being required.
  • The names of the items can also help to find out the issues or actions to be logged.
  • Like the date of the sorting, mentioned above, due dates should also be there for better usage of the logs.
  • There should be name of the responsible person or team, which has to handle the mentioned action or issue. This also helps to discuss with them in case an issue is encountered.
  • Relevant details and comments should be included in the logs to keep a proper detailed record of the situations encountered and handled accordingly. This can be really helpful in sorting out similar situations faced in the future.

Apart from reference in the future projects, project action logs are also useful during the working over a project. Project action logs are also made to keep a record of the activities tasked and performed during the working on a project. These action logs are also used sometimes to keep in touch with the team, and communicating with them time over again. Project logs are also useful in the discussions during weekly team meetings or such meetings related to the projects. Project action logs are among the most useful administrative tools being used these days.

Here is download link,

Download Project Action Log Template

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